King Of New York (1989) Bodycount Breakdown

King of New York (1990) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by killcountsrus79)


Francis “Frank” White (Christopher Walken): 7
Jimmy (Laurence Fishburne): 4
Dennis Gilley (David Caruso): 3
Blood (Leonard L. Thomas): 2
Thomas Flanigan (Wesley Snipes): 1
Roy Bishop (Victor Argo): 1
Lance (Giancarlo Esposito): 1
Test Tube (Steve Buscemi): 1
Larry Wong (Joey Chin): 1
Raye (Theresa Randle): 1
Carter (Michael Guess): 1


“Read this, puta!”: 1
-Emilio el Zapo is shot repeatedly by Lance and his crew

“They’re for the bullet holes, puta!”: 4*
-Jimmy shoots Tito
-Test Tube shoots 1 bodyguard
-Blood shoots 1 bodyguard
-Jimmy and Blood shoot the last bodyguard

“You’re all welcome!”: 1
-Frank shoots Arty Clay

Chinatown: 13
-2 Triads are run over by one of Frank’s crew
-Raye shoots 1 Triad
-3 Triads shown dead, killed by Frank’s crew
-Frank shoots 1 female Triad
-5 more Triads shown dead, also killed by Frank’s crew
-Larry accidentally shoots 1 of his own men

“Where’s the stuff, Larry?”: 1
-Larry shown hanged upside down, killed by Frank’s crew

“Let me get a light”: 1
-Carter shoots the door guard

Night Club: 9
-Raye is shot by a gunman
-Frank shoots the gunman who killed Raye
-Dennis shoots 1 woman
-Flanigan shoots 1 thug
-Melanie is shot by a thug
-Frank shoots the thug who killed Melanie
-1 thug shot by a gunman
-Jimmy shoots 1 gunman
-Dennis shoots Blood

“Nobody rides for free, motherfucker!”: 1
-Frank rams 1 gunman hanging onto his car into a fire hydrant

“Where’s your girlfriend, motherfucker?”: 2
-Jimmy shoots Flanigan
-Dennis shoots Jimmy

“Hey you!”: 1
-Frank shoots Dennis

Tenament Building: 1
-Joey is shot by one of Frank’s crew offscreen

“I don’t need forever!”: 1
-Frank shoots Bishop

Taxi: 1
-Frank dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by Bishop


*It’s mentioned that one of the bodyguards survived the shooting, but it’s never made clear which one and I find it hard to believe that they survived multiple gunshot wounds in vital areas.