King Kong (1933) Bodycount breakdown

King Kong (1933) Body count breakdown by Arinieistheboss


King Kong: 46


River: 3
-3 Sailors are eaten by a Brontosaurus

Jungle: 2
-A Sailor in a tree is eaten by a Brontosaurus
-A Triceratop eats a Sailor

Log: 6
-Kong shakes the log causing 6 Sailors to fall to their deaths

Village attack: 12
-Kong throws a hut at 2 Villagers
-Kong throws a log at 2 Villagers
-Kong eats 1 Villager
-Kong knocks down 4 Villagers to their deaths
-Kong eats 1 Villager
-Kong crushes 2 Villagers to death with his feet

New York City rampage: 26
-Kong eats a Civillian
-Kong throws rubble at 2 Civillians
-Kong drops a Woman to her death
-Kong destroys a train killing 22 Passengers

Empire State Building: 2
-Kong hits a plane causing it to crash killing the 2 Pilots


-A Stegosaurus is shot in the head
-Jack cuts a vine causing a Dinosaur to fall to its death
-Kong crushes a T-rex jaw with his hands
-Kong beats a Plesiosaurus to death on a rock
-Kong kills a Pteranodon
-Kong gets shot to death by planes then falls to his death