Killers (2010): Body Count Breakdown

Killers (2010): Body Count by gregglop09


Spencer (Ashton Kutcher): 7
Mr. Kornfeldt (Tom Selleck): 2
Olivia (Lisa Ann Walter): 1


Boat: 1
Spencer tosses a henchman off the boat and into the water, killing him

Lunch Date: 2
Spencer blows a helicopter up with a remote, killing at least 2 people inside

Car Chase: 1
Spencer drives into Henry’s car, killing him

Office Fight: 1

Spencer shoots a deer antler chandelier down, impaling and killing Vivian

Olivia To The Rescue: 2

Olivia runs down an assassin with her car
Spencer shoots gas tanks, blowing up and killing Olivia

Closet: 1
Spencer breaks Mac’s neck

Kirsten’s Betrayal: 2
Mr. Kornfeldt shoots Kirsten
Mr. Kornfeldt shoots Lily