Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003): Body Count Breakdown

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003): Body Count by BodyCountMan


Beatrix Kiddo-The Bride-Black Mamba-(Uma Thurman) 69
Bill-Snake Charmer-(David Carradine) 1
O-Ren Ishii-(Lucy Liu) 5
Boss Matsumoto-(Naomi Kusumi) 1
Gogo Yubari-(Chiaki Kuriyama) 1


Church Massacre: 8
-The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad kills The Groom and 7 other people off screen

Hospital: 2
– Black Mamba-tairs out a guy’s tongue with her teeth
– Black Mamba-slams Buck’s head in a door

The Death Of A Father And Mother: 4
– O-Ren’s father kills one man smashes his face in
– One of Boss Matsumoto men stabs O-Ren’s father
– Boss Matsumoto stabs O-Ren’s mother down through the bed with a sword
– A guy burns up in the house

Revenge: 3
– O-Ren-stabs Boss Matsumoto
– O-Ren-shoots 2 guys in the head

Assassin: 1
– O-Ren-shoots a man in the head in a limo

The Meeting: 1
– O-Ren-cuts a guy’s head off

You Want To F Me: 1
– Gogo stabs a guy

The Death Of The Crazy 88: 65
– Black Mamba hits Gogo in the head with a piece of wood with a nail in it
– Black Mamba kills 64 men with her sword and a hatchet

O-Ren’s Death: 1
– Black Mamba cuts the top of O-Ren’s head off

Vernita Green’s Death: 1
– Black Mamba-throws a kife in to her chest