Kelly’s Heroes (1970): Body Count Breakdown

Kelly’s Heroes (1970): Body Count by Kooshmeister


Petuko (Perry Lopez): 12
Crapgame (Don Rickles): 11
Kelly (Clint Eastwood): 8
Big Joe (Telly Savalas): 8
Moriarty (Gavin MacLeod): 7
Gutowski (Richard Davalos): 5
Little Joe (Stuart Margolin): 4
Job (Tom Troupe): 3
Cowboy (Jeff Morris): 1


Tiger Tank Terror: 1
-Colonel Dankopf is accidentally shot by his own Tiger tank

Through the Town: 24

-5 German soldiers killed by falling bombs
-9 German soldiers seen dead, apparently felled by the bombs
-3 German soldiers shot by an unidentified American soldier
-Petuko shoots 5 German soldiers
-Car containing 2 German soldiers is blown up

Working on the Railroad: 38
-2 German soldiers killed by explosion
-1 German soldier seen lying on the ground
-Moriarty shoots 7 German soldiers
-13 Germans shot by tanks’ machine guns
-3 German gunners killed by explosion
-3 more Germans felled by machine gun fire
-(At least) 5 Germans blown up by explosion
-4 Germans on the bridge killed by tank fire

Minefield Ambush: 30

-Grace is killed when he steps on a mine
-Kelly shoots the German lieutenant and his driver
-Job shoots 3 German soldiers
-5 German soldiers in the trucks are blown up/shot
-Big Joe blows up 2 German soldiers with a grenade
-Crapgame shoots the German machine gunner and truck driver
-Kelly shoots 2 German soldiers
-1 German soldier blown up by a grenade
-Little Joe blows up 4 German soldiers with a grenade
-Cowboy bayonets a German
-Mitchell is shot by the Germans
-Job is shot by the Germans
-Big Joe shoots 2 German soldiers
-Kelly shoots the 2 Germans who killed Mitchell and Job

Going For the Gold: 32
-Petuko slits a German soldier’s throat
-Gutowski snipes 2 German soldiers on the bank roof
-Kelly shoots the German SS major and another officer
-Kelly shoots 2 Tiger tank crewmen
-Little Joe shoots 1 German soldiers
-Crapgame shoots 9 German soldiers
-Gutowski snipes 1 Tiger tank crewman
-Gutwoski snipes 2 German machine gunners
-Big Joe shoots 4 German soldiers
-Petuko shoots 6 German soldiers
-The second Tiger tank is destroyed, killing at least 3 crewmen (1 man emerging from the turret hatch, 1 to make the turret move ’round and 1 to drive it)


-At least 3 German soldiers shown during the minefield ambush are unaccounted for and not killed onscreen. 1 is at least shown running away and possibly escaping, but the other 2 just disappear.
-The other Shermans are described as being destroyed and their crews killed but this occurs entirely offscreen.
-The first Tiger tank is blown up during the final battle as well but only the 1 crewman is shown.