Dark Angel [I Come In Peace] (1990) Killcount & Body Count Breakdown

I Come In Peace [Dark Angel] (1990) Killcount by Satan Claus

Starring Matthias Hues and Dolph Lundgren

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Hues kills 16
Lundgren kills 3

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Dark Angel [I Come In Peace] (1990) Body Count Breakdown by H83tr3d

(previously done by Rantbo)


Evil Alien/Talec (Matthias Hues ) : 16
White Boy #2 (Robert Prentiss) : 10
Det.Jack Caine (Dolph Lundgren) : 3
White Boy #1 (Kevin Page) : 1


I Come In Peace : 1
-Talec kills an innocent person offscreen , body is shown in the morgue later in the film

Better Hurry : 10
-Sgt Hawkins is killed with a throwing knife by White Boy #2
-At least 9 people seen inside the Federal Warehouse are blown to bits by White Boy #2’s bomb (confirmed later in a police report)

The University Of Suck My Dick / Party Time : 6
-Caine headshots a would be robber
-White Boy #1 kills Det. Turner
-Talec slashes 3 of Victor Manning’s thugs with his flying disc
-Talec blows up an escaping thug

Victims : 3
-Talec siphons a motel manager , killing him
-Talec siphons a garage sweeper , killing him
-Talec siphons a mechanic , killing her

Tell The White Boys To Kiss My Ass : 1
-Luggage Salesman collapses dead in the back alley of his store , killed by Talec offscreen

Last Week I Saw Jimmy Hendrix At The Laundry : 2
-Talec slashes shopkeeper and the customer with his flying disc

>Promise : 1
-Azcek succumbs from being shot by Talec

Can’t Make An Omelette Without Breaking A Few Eggs : 1
-Caine shoots Inspector Switzer , who was about to kill Smith

That’s It , This Guy’s Are Level 2 : 4
-Talec blows up White Boy #1
-Talec blows up a police officer
-Talec blows up White Boy #2
-Talec launches his flying disc at the pursuing police officer’s neck in his car , who is sent into a pillar, resulting an explosion that kills him

Level 3 / You Go In Pieces, Asshole : 1
-Caine obliterates Talec


-Talec knocked down a skinny police officer in the store , but it remains uncertain what happened to him later on
-White Boy #2’s bomb is said to have also left “half a dozen injured”