Joshua Tree (1993): Body Count Breakdown

Joshua Tree (1993): Body Count by gregglop09

(previously done by Eggimann)


Wellman Anthony Santee (Dolph Lundgren):46
Lt. Franklin L. Severence (George Segal): 2
Jack “Rudy” Rudisill (Beau Starr): 2
Rita Marrick (Kristian Alfonso): 1


Road: 2
-Rudy shoots Eddie
-Severence shoots a cop

Warehouse Shoot-Out: 38
-Santee shoots 2 henchmen one-handed
-Santee shoots 1 henchman with a shotgun in his right hand
-Santee shoots 1 henchman off a railing
-Santee shoots 1 henchman while yelling
-Santee shoots 1 henchman near a file cabinet
-Santee shoots 1 henchman
-Santee shoots 1 henchman near the car
-Santee empties the pistol into 1 henchman
-Santee shoots 2 henchmen through the windows of a car
-Santee shoots 1 henchman near some boxes
-Santee shoots 1 henchman near the second car
-Santee sets 1 henchman on fire and kicks him into some oil drums, blowing him up
-Santee shoots 3 henchmen with a mini-Uzi
-Santee shoots 1 henchman with his own gun
-Santee shoots 13 henchmen with dual pistols
-Santee shoots 2 henchmen near a window
-Santee causes a Ferrari to crash into some explosive barrels and blow up, killing 2 henchmen in the blast
-Santee executes a wounded henchman
-Santee punches a henchman off a railing to his death
-Santee shoots 1 more henchman

Deal: 4
-Santee shoots 1 henchman
-Severence shoots Michael
-Rudy breaks Jimmy’s neck
-Rita shoots 1 henchman

Final Showdown: 1
-Santee breaks Rudy’s neck