Joker (2019) Killcount and Body Count Breakdown

Joker (2019)

Starring Joaquin Phoenix

Phoenix kills 7

Joker rights held by Warner Bros.

Joker (2019) Body Count Breakdown by Longuecarabine

[Character Kills]

Arthur Fleck/The Joker (Joaquin Phoenix): 7
Joe Chill (N/A): 2
Detective Burke (Shea Whigham): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Subway: 3
Arthur shoots one of the drunk Wayne Employees in the head
Arthur shoots the 2nd drunk twice in the torso
Arthur shoots the last drunk several times in the back after chasing him down

“I use to think my life was a tragedy… but now I realise, it’s a fucking comedy”: 1
Arthur smothers Penny Fleck with a pillow

“You’re the only one who was nice to me”: 1
Arthur stabs Randall in the eye and neck then smashes his head against a wall

Wrong Clown: 1
Burke shoots a clown mistaking him for Arthur

“I’ll tell you what you get! You get what you fucking deserve!”: 1
Arthur shoots Murray Franklin in the head

Riot: 4
Rioters crash an ambulance into a police car, killing the two cops inside
A rioter (Joe Chill) shoots Thomas and Martha Wayne

“I was just thinking of a joke”: 1
Arthur kills the Asylum Psychiatrist offscreen (indicated by bloody footprints)

 [The Final Tally= 13]

[The Unconfirmed and Uncounted]

It’s unknown what Arthur did to Sophie; Todd Phillips confirmed she’s still alive but that’s not saying much
Burke and Garrity are beaten down by a mob