Jing mo gaa ting [House of Fury] (2005) Bodycount Breakdown

Jing mo gaa ting [House of Fury] (2005) Body Count by luvmetender009


Master Yue Siu Bo (Anthony Wong Chau Sang) – 10 kills


Master Yue’s Story – 10
-Master Yue force 1 white ninja to cut his own neck with his katana
-Master Yue impales the other white ninja
-Master Yue slays 6 ninjas with a jian (Chinese sword)
-Master Yue cuts down 1 ninja with a halberd
-Master Yue spears the teleporting ninja

Nightmare – 1
-Master Yue is seen getting shot dead in Natalie’s nightmare


– Master Yue, Natalie, Nicky each beats up massive amount of thugs but didn’t kill anyone throughout the film.

[THE FINAL TALLY= 11 (all imagined)]