Jing mo fung wan: Chen Zhen [Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen] (2010) Body Count

Jing mo fung wan: Chen Zhen [Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen] (2010) Body Count by luvmetender009


Chen Zen (Donnie Yen) – 39 kills
Kiki (Shu Qi) – 2 kills
Colonel Chikaraishi (Ryu Kohata) – 5 kills
General Zheng (Shawn Yue) – 1 kills
Ponytailed Henchman /Chikaraishi’s brother – 3 kills


World War I / France, 1917 – 28
-Germans shoots 2 French soldiers and 1 Chinese labourer
-4 people are blown up as seen in a long shot
-Germans shoots 4 French soldiers
-An unidentified corpse is seen
-Chen Zen stabs 1 German
-Chen Zen slash 1 German multiple times, then flings him on top of a stack of crates
-Chinese labourers kills the other German in the trench
-Tien is shot by Germans
-3 French soldiers’ corpses seen in the corners of the trench, having been killed by the Germans
-Chen Zen hurls a bayonet’s blade at the German machine-gunner, causing him to fall off the ledge and two storeys below
-Chen Zen stabs another German as soon as he barged into the garrison
-Chen Zen hurls another blade at 1 German at the side of the garrison
-Chen Zen flips over 1 German, cuts his tendon to immobilize him, then slash him several times before stabbing him
-Chen Zen slash 1 of two Germans coming at him in the back, killing him
-Chen Zen then stabs and disarms the other German, before elbowing him in the neck and breaking it
-Chen Zen lashes out at 1 German several times before smashing him through a stack of crates
-Chen Zen knocks the last German in the garrison into a hole in the floor and fell to his death
-Chinese labourers shoots 1 German

Dojo – 3
-Chikaraishi kills 3 of his own

The New Chen Zhen – 18
-Kempeitai assasins shoots 2 bodyguards
-Bodyguards shoots 2 Kempeitai
-General Zheng’s girlfriend is shot
-Bodyguards shoots 1 kempeitai
-General Zheng shoots 1 kempeitai*
-Kempeitai stab 1 bodyguard
-Kempeitai stabs the Zheng’s business ally
-Chen Zen kicks and smashes 1 kempeitai through a door, killing him (he’s never seen getting up)
-Chen Zen brutally knocks out 8 kempeitais, and they were revealed to be dead later on

Revolutionist Massacre – 15
-2 revolutionists are shot
-Chen Zen throws 1 kempeitai off a balcony to his death
-Chen Zen drops 2 kempeitais off a tall balcony
-Ponytail kills 1 revolutionist
-1 revolutionist in a food stall is run over by the kempeitais
-2 revolutionists seen murdered in papers
-Ponytailed henchman hangs 1 revolutionist
-Kempeitais garottes 1 revolutionist
-2 revolutionists shot by kempeitais
-Ponytailed henchman drops 1 revolutionist off a tall building
-Kiki shoots a British businessman who dared to question the authority of the Japanese

Presses – 10
-Chen Zen punch 1 kempeitai in the face at full impact, most likely breaking his skull
-Chen Zen kicks 1 kempeitai in his neck
-Chen Zen shoves 1 kempeitai between the rungs of a ladder and finish him off with an upward kick in the throat
– Chen Zen throws 1 kempeitai off the top of a ladder where he fell heavily and dies
-Chen Zen did a spinning/flying kick towards 1 kempeitai’s neck
-Chen Zen punches 1 kempeitai in his face until he dies
-Chen Zen throws 1 kempeitai into a bookcase with great force, killing him
-Chen Zen kicks the last kempeitai accompanying ponytailed henchman in the neck
-Ponytailed henchman stabs Mr. Lim in the throat with a spiked knuckle duster
-Chen Zen kills ponytailed henchman by grabbing his legs, then smashing him into a cupboard at full force

Kiki’s True Identity Revealed – 1
-Kiki, being co-erced by Chikaraishi, stabs Wei (shared kill)

Japanese Embassey – 10
-Rebels cuts 3 Japanese soldiers’ throat
-Rebels stabs 3 Japanese soldiers in their bunks
-Rebels shoots 3 Japanese soldiers and their Colonel

Flashback – 1
-Chen Zen lands a fatal punch into Chikaraishi’s father’s torso, crushing his insides and killing him

All Out Assault on the Embassy – 17**
-16 Japanese soldiers blown up
-1 guard tower blown up, killing at least 1 more soldier stationed in there

Execution – 10
-10 of the rebels who were responsible for assaulting the embassy are strangled and hung by the Japanese

Bar – 2
-2 of Chikaraishi’s lieutenants are shot

Riot – 1
-1 rioter is shot offscreen (we hear a scream a distance away confirming someone is killed)

Streets of Death/The Japanese Retaliation – 20
-A suitcase bomb left in a bus by a Japanese assassin left in a crowded bus kills 14 people seen in it and 6 outside

Chen’s Last Act – 9***
-Zheng’s corpse seen, tortured then killed by the Japanese
-Chikaraishi stabs Kiki with his katana
-Chen Zen lashes out at Chikaraishi’s lieutenant several times in the chest, torso and face, before flipping him over then landing a mortal blow into his crotch
-Chen Zen kicks 1 dojo student in the neck, breaking it
-Chen Zen lashes out repeatedly at 1 dojo student, the flips him over before sending a curb stomp on the side of his head
-Chen Zen strikes 2 more dojo students in their necks (bone-breaking is easily audible)
-Chen Zen hits 1 dojo student on top of his head at full impact with his nunchuck
-Chen Zen smashes Chikaraishi’s head through the floor with a single punch


*He might have more kills than listed, but it’s hard telling him apart from his bodyguards in the shootout.
**Most of the entire embassy’s interior is reduced to dust from the rebels’ explosives, so there’s proably more kills in that scene.
***Again, probably more kills than shown but it’s hard to tell considering the massive amount of ass beaten by Chen.