Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (1984): Body Count Breakdown

Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom (1984) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Kooshmeister)


Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford): 21
Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw): 3
Mola Ram (Amrish Puri): 3
Short Round (Jonathan Ke Quan): 1
Chen (Chua Kah Joo): 1
Thuggee Chief (Pat Roach): 1


Opening: 2
Chen shoots Wu Han
Indy imaples Chen with a flaming skewer of pigeon flambe

Shanghai: 1
Indy shoots 1 Chinese thug in car

Pankot Palace: 1
Indy wraps his whip around the Thuggee assassin’s throat and tosses it into the ceiling fan, hanging him and breaking his neck

Temple of Doom: 1
Mola Ram rips out a man’s heart and burns him to death in an inferno, thus sacrificing him to Kali

Escape: 10
Short Round jumps on a ladder and causes it to fall to the ground, killing 1 Thuggee hanging on
Indy flips 2 Thuggee priests into the molten lava
3 Thuggees killed by the slaves pouring rocks onto them
Thuggee Chief throws his sledgehammer and it hits 1 Thuggee in the head, surely killing him instantly
Indy fights the Thuggee Chief and causes his clothing to be caught in a rock crusher, ultimately shredding him
Indy knocks 2 Thuggees off a bridge to their deaths

Mine Cart Chase: 6
Indy throws a beam into the path of another mine cart, causing it to crash and kill the 3 Thuggees onboard
Willie punches 1 Thuggee off their cart onto the tracks, causing him to be hit by another cart containing 2 more Thuggees, causing them to fly off the track

Bridge: 17
Indy cuts the rope bridge, causing 6 Thuggees to fall off into the water and be eaten by alligators
3 more Thuggees lose their holds and fall, caused by Indy
Mola Ram causes 2 Thuggees to fall off
Indy causes Mola Ram to fall off into the water and he is eaten by alligators
British and Indian soldiers shoot 5 Thuggees