(Indiana Jones And The) Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981): Body Count Breakdown

(Indiana Jones and the) Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Kooshmeister)


Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen): 12
Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford): 11


Peru: 2
Satipo impaled on spiked booby trap
Barranca shot with poison darts by Hovitos tribesmen

Bar: 4
Indy burns and shoots 1 Nepalese thug
Indy and giant Sherpa briefly cooperate and shoot Otto
Indy knocks out giant Sherpa and leaves him to die in fire
Marion shoots 1 Mongolian thug

Cairo: 5
1 Arab thug is accidentally impaled by a friend’s sword
Indy shoots the Arab swordsman
Indy shoots 1 Arab thug on truck
Indy shoots the truck driver, causing the truck to crash and explode, killing the Nazi agent in the back

Tanis Airfield: 11
Marion knocks out the German pilot, leaving him to die when the plane explodes
Marion mows down 9 German soldiers with the plane’s machine gun
The German mechanic is chopped to pieces by the plane’s propeller (this is caused by Marion knocking out the pilot earlier and him falling on the controls and making the plane start up)

Truck Chase: 4
Indy rams a jeep carrying Gobler, another officer, and a gunner off a cliff
Indy runs over the German sergeant

Geheimhaven: 37
33 German soldiers and the cameraman killed by the Ark’s lightning bolts
Dietrich’s head imploded by the Ark’s power
Toht’s face melted by same
Belloq exploded and consumed by the Ark’s holy fire