Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989): Body Count Breakdown

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Kooshmeister)


Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford): 13
Dr. Henry Jones (Sean Connery): 12
Marcus Brody (Denholm Elliot): 1


Portuguese Coast: 6
Indy kicks 1 thug off the Coronado
The Coronado explodes, killing Panama Hat and 5 thugs onboard

Venice: 3
3 Cruciform Sword members are killed when their speedboat is crushed between two ships and explodes

Castle Brumwald: 3

Indy shoots 2 German soldiers and 1 officer

Escape: 4
Indy knocks 1 German rider off his motorcycle with a flagpole, killing him from impact
Indy jams the part of the flagpole into 1 rider’s motorcycle, causing it to explode, flip over, and kill him
1 German fighter pilot is blown up trying to fly through a low tunnel
Henry startles a flock of seaguls, making them fly into a German fighter plane, causing the pilot to lose control and crash into a cliff and die in the explosion

Convoy Attack: 9

German soldiers blow up 4 Cruciform Sword members with grenades
German soldiers shoot 4 Cruciform Sword members and Kazim

Tank Chase: 21
The tank blasts a car stuck on its turret off, killing the driver
Indy jams the tank’s side gun with a rock, causing the Hatay gunner to be killed by the backblast when he fires
Indy fires through 3 German soldiers with a single bullet
Indy punches 1 German soldier onto the tank treads, causing him to be run over
Indy knocks out 1 German soldier by kicking the tank’s periscope and hitting him in the head; he is killed when tank drives off the cliff
Henry blows up a truck containing 11 German soldiers using the tank’s side gun
Marcus knocks out 1 German soldier; he too dies when the tank runs off the cliff
The knocked out soldier accidentally fires a bullet that ricochets and hits the Hatay tank driver
Indy knocks out Vogel and lets him die in the tank crash

“He chose poorly”: 4
1 dead Hatay soldier seen
1 Hatay soldier decapitated by the Breath of God
Donovan unintentionally drinks from the wrong Grail and ages rapidly before crumbling to dust
Elsa falls down a hole while trying to reach the Grail


-Indy traps 5 German officers in the burning dining room by jamming the door with a bust of Adolf Hitler. Despite their seeming demise, it’s possible they found another way out or were rescued by other Nazis arriving to fight the flames, so we can’t know for certain whether they lived or died.
-It is unknown what happens to the Grail knight; his immortality suggests he survives though this could be wrong.