Inception (2010): Body Count Breakdown

Inception (2010): Body Count by Eggimann


Dominic Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio): 13
Eames (Tom Hardy): 12
Saito (Ken Watanabe): 6
Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt): 5
Mallorie “Mal” Cobb (Marion Cotillard): 3
Adriane (Ellen Page): 1


Extraction: 10
Cobb shoots 4 guards
Cobb shoots Arthur in the dream
4 guards crushed when the dream collapses
Saito and a Mal projection crushed when the dream collapses

Dream Training: 2
Ariadne crushed when the dream collapses
Ariadne stabbed by Mal in the dream

Chase: 1

1 guy shot by the Cobal Engineering agents

First Dream Level Ambush: 3

Saito shoots a bodyguard
Arthur shoots a bodyguard
Eames shoots a bodyguard

Hotel Flashback: 1

Mal kills herself by jumping from the window

First Dream Level Warehouse: 2
Arthur shoots a bodyguard
Eames blows up a bodyguard

Second Dream Level Bathroom: 2
Cobb shoots 2 guards

Second Dream Level Rotating Hallway: 1
Arthur shoots a guard

Third Dream Level Ski Chase/Second Level Staircase: 3

Eames shoots 2 soldiers
Arthur pushes a guard down the paradox staircase

Third Dream Level Infiltration/Second Level Hallway: 11
Cobb snipes 5 soldiers
Arthur kills a guard
Eames shoots a soldier
Eames blows up a car, killing the driver and gunner
Mal shoots Fisher
Cobb snipes Mal

Final Showdown: 15

Eames shoots 2 soldiers
Eames blows up 3 soldiers
Saito blows up 5 soldiers with grenade
Saito dies of the gunshot wound in the dream
Cobb and Mal run over by train in the final dream level flashback
Adriane shoots Mal
Fisher Sr projection dies in the dream