In Hell (2003) Body Count Breakdown

In Hell (2003) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Kyle LeBlanc (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 5
Andrei (Raicho Vasilev) – 2
Valya (Michael Bailey Smith) – 2
Prisoner 451 (Lawrence Taylor) – 2
Sergeant Malakai (Malakai Davidson) – 1
Unnamed Rich Punk – 1


Home Invasion – 1
-Grey LeBlanc raped then killed by rich punk

Supreme Court – 1
-Kyle shoots rich punk dead in public

First Day in Sparka – 1

-Andrei twists a challenger’s neck

Training Court – 1

-Andrei cuts Asap’s throat

Prison Break – 3

-Driver of jeep and 1 soldier in it died in explosion
-Sasha shot dead by guards

Kyle joins the Sparka – 3

-Kyle rips out Andrei’s throat
-Kyle punched a challenger to death
-Kyle kicks a challenger across the chin, killing him

Valya joins the Sparka – 1

-Valya brutally beats a challenger to death

Steady Prick – 1

-Valya rapes Billy to death (dudesweat and masochism, guys!!!)

How could you betray your friend? – 1

-451 incinerates wheelchair prisoner

All I want is one fight!!! – 1

-Milos succumbs to gunshot wounds after being fired upon by Malakai

Compound – 8
-Prison guards shoots 7 inmates
-1 prison guard mentioned dead

Escape – 1
-Kyle releases carjack, dropping a heavy vehicle’s bumper on Malakai’s kneejoints and crushing him to death

Last Criminal Act – 1

-Prisoner 451 kills General Hruschov


-Much like the police station scene in The Terminator, a lot of people are owned in the prison compound scene, and the confusion made it hard to tell how many people are killed until a dialogue confirms it.
-Kyle stabs an inmate, but didn’t finish him off.
-Kyle probably didn’t kill Valya either, but merely beat him unconscious.