Howling II: Stirba – Werewolf Bitch (1985) Body Count Breakdown

Howling II: Stirba – Werewolf Bitch (1985) Body Count Breakdown by Rutledal


Ben White (Reb Brown): 19
Stefan Crosscoe (Christopher Lee): 16
Mariana (Marsha A. Hunt): 4
Stirba (Sybil Danning/Valérie Kaplanová): 2
Father Florin (Ladislav Krecmer): 3
Vasile (Jiri Krytinar): 1
Konstantin (Petr Skarke): 1
Luca (Igor Smrzík): 1


Playing With Riff-Raff: 4
-Mariana kills four teens

Karen’s Last Broadcast: 1
-Karen is killed (this kill was also featured in the first film, but the scene was re-shot with a different actor for this movie)

Graveyard: 5
-Ben shoots a werewolf
-Ben shoots the re-animated werewolf Karen
-Ben shoots two more werewolves
-Stefan stabs a dying werewolf finishing him off

Hungry Wolves: 2
-Two German hitch-hikers are killed by werewolves

Stirba Reborn: 1
-Stirba sucks the life out of a young girl, making Stirba young and the girl dead

The Old Woman Hit by Car Trick: 1
-Stefan stabs the old woman

Backseat Wolfing: 1
-Ben shoots a werewolf

Sworn Fighters: 3
-Flashbacks show one member of each of the three ‘fighters’ family getting killed by werewolves

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: 1
-Random clip of a werewolf killing a child shown

Finding Stirba’s Castle: 2
-Vasile kills a guard
-Vasile is killed by the scream of Stirba

Medallion Hunt: 1
-Ben throws the re-animated corpse of Vasile out a window

Wolf Attack: 24
-Stefan shoots a werewolf
-Konstantin kills a werewolf with holy water
-Ben shoots a werewolf
-Father Florin kills a werewolf with an axe
-Ben shoots a werewolf
-Konstantin is killed by a werewolf
-Ben shoots a werewolf
-Stefan shoots a werewolf
-Luca stabs a werewolf to death
-Stefan shoots 3 werewolves
-Ben shoots a werewolf
-Stefan shoots 4 werewolves
-Ben shoots 2 werewolves
-Father Florin hacks two werewolves to death
-Ben shoots 3 werewolves
-Stefan shoots a werewolf

Surprise Wolf: 2
-Stefan throws a holy-water grenade killing both a werewolf and Luca

Surprise Wolf #2: 1
-Ben shoots a werewolf

We’ve Been Expecting You: 1
-Stirba’s demon-bat kills Father Florin

Ben to The Rescue: 3
-Ben shoots Vlad
-Ben stabs Mariana
-Ben shoots a werewolf

Brother and Sister in Eternity: 2
-Stefan stabs Stirba, which results in a fire killing them both (both kills counted as Lee’s)