High Risk (1995): Body Count Breakdown

High Risk (1995): Body Count by luvmetender009


Kit Li(Jet Li) – 50
Doctor Wong (Kelvin Wong) – 25
Detective Chow Kam (Chung-Hsien Yang) – 6
Kong (Billy Chow) – 4
Rabbit (Ben Lam) – 3
Fai (Valerie Chow) – 2
Frankie Lone (Jacky Cheung) – 1


School – 25
-Doctor Wong’s bomb blows up 23 schoolchildren, including Li’s son, in the bus as well as Li’s wife and a sergeant beneath the bus

Hideout – 1
-Fai stabs an undercover cop

Guardhouse – 2
-Terrorists kills 2 security guards

Lobby Massacre – 31
-Fai kills a security guard
-Rabbit kills 2 lobby staff
-Kong kills 2 lobby staff
-Other terrorists kills 14 lobby staff
-At least 12 corpses of dead lobby staff seen

Takeover – 1
-Rabbit kills secrity chief Chap Lap-Meng

Entering the Hotel – 25
-Li runs over 2 terrorists on his van
-Li shoots 18 terrorists
-Detective Kam shoots 5 terrorists

Banquet – 9
-Li drives his van into a terrorist armed with a flamethrower, crushing him
-Li drives his van out of penthouse glass wall, which crashes out in the streets and accidentally destroys a moving police vehicle with at least 1 driver
-Li shoots 1 terrorist
-Terrorists kills 1 innocent man
-Kong kills an innocent man
-Li shoots 4 terrorists

Police Intrusion – 3
-Terrorists shoots and blows up 3 police officers

Display Room Fight – 8
-Li kills 7 terrorists
-Li impales Rabbit through the midsection with a metal rod

Vengeance of the Doctor – 1
-Bong and a terrorist flung Charlie out through penthouse’s windows, causing him to fall to his death

Helicopter Crash – 14
-Li crashes helicopter into the penthouse, blowing up 11 terrorists, slicing 1 terrorist into half and causes 2 terrorists on penthouse roof to fall to death

Bar – 2
-Detective Kam shoots Fai in the head
-Frankie breaks Kong’s neck

Booth – 1

-Doctor Wong succumbs to effects of poison, after being stabbed by Li’s poisoned blade earlier


-The terrorists flung a corpse off the penthouse in one scene, but I think its probably the corpse of one of the two innocent guests shot in the banquet scene