High Plains Drifter (1973): Body Count Breakdown

High Plains Drifter (1973): Body Count by BodyCountMan


The Stranger-(Clint Eastwood) 10
Stacey Bridges-(Geoffrey Lewis) 5
Mordecai-(Billy Curtis) 1


Hey Pig Shit: 3
The Stranger-shoots 3 men with his pistol

A New Change OF Clothes: 3
-Stacey’s men shoot a man
Stacey-shoots a man
-another one of Stacey’s men shot a man

Flash Back: 1
-Stacey Bridges and his men whip Marshal Jim Duncan to death

The Ambush: 4
The Stranger-blows 2 men up in his room
The Stranger-shoots 2 men with his pistol

He Sure Had lot OF Bleed Left IN Him: 1
Stacey-stabs Morgan in the throat with a stick

Welcome Home Boys: 2
Stacey-shoots Dave Drake and another man

The Stranger Returns: 2

The Stranger-whips one of Stacey’s men to death
The Stranger-hangs one of Stacey’s men to death

Who Are You: 2
The Stranger-shoots Stacey Bridges
Mordecai-shoots Lewis Belding