Hellboy (2004): Body Count Breakdown

Hellboy (2004): Body Count by Rorschach94


Hellboy (Ron Perlman): 2
Karl Ruprecht Kroenen (Ladislav Beran): 18
Liz Sherman (Linda Blair/Millie Wilkie): 6 (2 by Blair, 4 by Wilkie)
Professor Broom (John Hurt/Kevin Trainor): 1 (by Trainor)
Grigori Rasputin (Karel Roden): 1


Opening the Portal: 25
-A grenade explodes and sends 1 Nazi scientist into the portal, where he is ripped apart
-The grenade also causes a pillar to collapse and crush another scientist
-2 Nazi soldiers are shot
-4 Nazis are blown up
-Kroenen shoots 5 American soldiers
-Kroenen kills 4 more soldiers with his dual swords
-Broom’s grenade causes the portal to malfunction and suck Rasputin in, ripping him apart as well
-7 additional soldier’s corpses are seen

Awakening Rasputin: 1
-Kroenen stabs the mountain guide

Museum: 7
-Kroenen kills 7 museum guards

Firestarter: 6
-Liz in a flashback accidentally kills 4 children
-Liz as an adult accidentally kills 2 guards

Sewers: 3
-Agents Quarry and Moss are eaten alive Sammael monsters
-Kroenen stabs Agent Clay

Library: 1
-Professor Broom is stabbed by Kroenen

Entering the Tomb: 1
-1 agent is smashed by the giant pendulum trap

Kroenen’s Lair: 1
-Hellboy impales Kroenen on spikes and then smashes him with a giant gear

Destroying Sammael: 1
-An agent is eaten alive by a Sammael monster

The Right Hand of Doom: 3
-Liz Sherman has her soul sucked out by Rasputin
-Hellboy stabs Rasputin with one of his horns
-Ilsa Haupstein is crushed by the Behemoth’s tentacles


-Hundreds of people are probably killed by Liz Sherman when she explodes those two times, but only 6 deaths are shown
-Hundreds of Sammael’s monsters are also killed by Liz, but they are not human enough to count
-The Behemoth at the end is blown up by Hellboy, but again, this doesn’t count