Hard To Kill (1990) Killcount & Body Count Breakdown

Hard To Kill (1990)

Starring Steven Seagal

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Seagal kills 12

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Hard To Kill (1990) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Mason Storm (Steven Seagal) – 12
Jack Axel (Charles Boswell) – 3


The Hit – 2
-Storm shoots 1 thug
-Axel shoots Felicia Storm

News Footage – 1
-Senator Cadwell mentioned dead in plane crash

Hospital – 7 years later – 2

-Axel shoots a security guard
-Axel shoots a hospital attendant

Home Invasion – 8
-Storm shoots 3 thugs
-Storm hurls 1 thug off a balcony
-Storm throws 1 thug off a balcony
-Storm shoots 2 more thugs
-Storm crashed his vehicle over 1 thug

Station – 1
-Thugs shoots O’Malley

Chinatown – 1
-Storm strangles Quintaro

Calibri’s Quarters – 2

-Storm stabs Axel’s jugular with a pool cue, then finishes him off with a kick across his face
-Storm strangles the corrupted cop with his own necktie


-The shopkeeper is shot in the start of the film, but was still alive when the scene cuts.