Theft Under The Sun (1997) Body Count Breakdown

Theft Under The Sun [Hao Qing Gai Tian] (1997) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Dan Peterson (Michael Wong) – 13 kills
Leung Ka-Ho (Julian Cheung Chi-Lam) – 5 kills
Long-haired thug (Rocky Lai) – 2 kills


Apartment Raid – 15
-Dan shotguns 1 SWAT officer through an air vent
-Ka-ho and another thug shoots 1 SWAT officer
-Thugs shoots 2 SWAT officers
-Long-haired thug shoots 2 SWAT officers
-SWAT officers shoot 1 thug
-1 dead SWAT officer seen between turbine generator set
-Dan shoot 1 SWAT officer with his own gun
-Dan then shoots the other SWAT officer right next to him
-Dan shoots 2 SWAT snipers on the rooftop
-Dan blows up 3 SWAT officers outside the elevator with a grenade

Cliff Chase – 4
-Ka-ho runs over 4 bandits

Something Suspicious Over Here – 2
-Dan knifes 1 police officer
-Dan stabs police chief in the gut

Highway Pursuit – 2
-Dan rams the heavy container truck’s side against a police vehicle, causing it to crash killing both officers seen in it (the crash seemed pretty lethal)

Warehouse – 2
-Dan rams the container truck into a passing car and forces it into a stack of oil drums, blowing up its driver
-Dan is trapped in the container truck when it crashes into the docks with the warhead and detonators in it and dies as it blows up


-A bystander is run over by Dan outside the cafe, but he is still a live as the scene cuts, passerbys are attending to him and whatnot.
-Some other police cars crashes in the pursuit, but most of the impact is pretty minor.
-The long-haired thug is never seen again after the scene cuts to Dan’s escape, I assume he’s only arrested.
-Dan hits a bandit with a heavy stick during the cliff chase who fell off his horse, but he could’ve survived.
-Ka-ho knocks several police officers off a cliff, but it is barely ten feet in height.