Hang kwai (2000) Bodycount Breakdown

Hang kwai (2000) Body Count by luvmetender009


Mike (Michael Wong) – 19 kills
Jean (Suki Kwan Sau-Mei) – 18 kills
Ah Q (Jackie Lui Chung-Yin) – 4 kills
Ah Shoot (Lam Suet) – 14 kills
Bowie (Crystal Tin Yue-Lai) – 1 kill
Inspector Kwan (Wai Lit) – 1 kill
Fat Chiu (Patrick Keung Hiu-Man) – 1 kill


Heist – 10
-Ah Q shoots 2 guards outside the office
-Ah Shoot shoots 3 bodyguards
-Ah Q (disguied as a police officer) shoots the mob leader’s driver
-Jean shoots 3 bodyguards as she exits from the elevator
-Ah Q, Shoot and Jean guns down mob leader

Taiwan / Fat Chiu’s Story – 1
-Fat Chiu brutally beats a rival mos boss to death

Back Alley – 19
-Jean shoots 4 thugs
-Mike shoots 2 thugs
-Ah Shoot guns down 4 thugs with a mini-Uzi
-Jean shoots 3 thugs
-Ah Shoot shoots 1 more thug
-Mike shoots 5 thugs from inside the alley

Aquarium Raid – 12
-Jean shoots Fat Chiu
-Mike guns down 6 thugs with dual pistols, 2 which are simultaneously shot by Ah Shoot and 2 by Jean
-Mike, Jean and Shoot shoots 2 cops at the exact same time (each gets 2 kills)
-Jean shotguns 2 cops
-Jean is shot by cops

Ah Q’s Demise – 1
-Bowie accidentally stabs Ah Q

Carpark – 5
-Mike shoots 1 foreign bodyguard in front of the pursuing vehicle
-Mike shoots a fire extinguisher, blowing up 1 thug
-Mike shoots 1 thug
-Mike breaks burly foreign thug’s neck with a car door
-Inspector Kwan shoots Mike

The Nostalgic Smell of Tofu – 1
-Ah Shoot (disguised as a tofu stall hawker) shoots Uncle Lam from point-blank range


-Ah Q beats up several of Fat Chiu’s men in the nightclub, but didn’t kill anyone.