Good Guys Wear Black (1978): Body Count Breakdown

Good Guys Wear Black (1978): Body Count by RANTBO


Chuck Norris’s John T. Booker = 09

Soon-Tek Oh’s Mhin Van Thieu = 06*

NOTE: Booker’s team of commandos are called The Black Tigers.

*Probably responsible for several of the deaths in the POW set-up scene, but the quality of the DVD I have, it was too difficult to differentiate between the Black Tigers.


Set-Up Guys Wear Black: 31
02- The Black Tigers take out two Vietcong soldiers with throwing stars
01- A dead American POW is seen chained to a post
02- Two of the Black Tigers are shot
01- Booker grenades a hut, sending a Vietcong out the window
02- Booker shoots a Vietcong and another is seen dead beside the body, presumably also shot by Booker previously from off-screen
01- Booker grenades another Vietcong hiding behind sandbags
01- A Black Tiger is shot down
01- Booker shots an airborne Vietcong with his pistol
02- A Black Tiger shoots two Vietcong
02- A Black Tiger throws a bomb into a hut, causing an explosion that concussion kills a Vietcong and another is shown dying beside him.
02- Booker shoots two Vietcong in a jeep, the gunner and the driver
01- Two Black Tigers are shot by a sniper, but it’s reveled later that one of them, Mhin, survived
01- Booker shoots the Vietcong sniper
06- A Black Tiger mounts the jeep’s machine gun and takes out six Vietcong
03- A Black Tiger chucks a bomb off the back of the jeep and concussion kills three Vietcong
01- A Black Tiger shoots a Vietcong with his machinegun
01- A Black Tiger shoots a Vietcong with the jeep’s machinegun
01- A Black Tiger shoots a Vietcong with his machinegun

Freak Accidents:  02
02 – Two of the Five Surviving Black Tigers (Holly and Lou), are killed off and covered up by the government. While they are not shown directly, they are pretty much confirmed as dead later on.

“How Was The Halibut?”: 01
01 – Gordie of The Black Tigers is shot in the chest, assassination style

“Meet Me At The Bottom!”: 01
01 – Mhin shoots Mike of The Black Tigers mid-ski-jump

One Way Ticket: 06**
04 – Mhin blows up a plane with Margaret, a flight attendant and an assumed pilot and co-pilot on board
01 – Mhin shoots an airport security guard
01 – Booker kills Mhin with a flying kick through the windshield of his car

Back Seat Diver: 01
01 – Senator Morgan strikes a driving Booker with a bottle of liquor, causing the limo to careen off the road and into the ocean. Morgan does not re-surface.


**Untold how many were actually on the plane that Mhin blew up, but having exploded in mid-air, there were surely no survivors.