Goldfinger (1964) Bodycount Breakdown

Goldfinger (1964) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Kisch (Michael Mellinger): 11
James Bond (Sean Connery): 9
Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe): 6
Oddjob (Harold Sakata): 4


“Shocking, Positively Shocking”: 1
Bond electrocutes Capungo

Consequences: 1
Jill Masterson found dead by being covered in gold paint by Oddjob

Car Chase: 6
Bond sprays oil onto the road, causing a car carrying 4 henchmen to run off a cliff and explode
Bond shoots 1 henchman
Oddjob kills Tilly by throwing his steel-rimmed hat at and breaking her neck

Board To Death: 11
Kisch gasses the board room, killing 11 Mafia executives

Pressing Engagement: 1
Oddjob shoots Mr. Solo

Fort Knox: 55
American soldiers shoot 17 of Goldfinger’s men
Goldfinger shoots Ling
Goldfinger shoots 5 American soldiers
Oddjob throws Kisch over a railing
10 of Goldfinger’s men’s dead bodies seen
Goldfinger’s men shoot 5 American soldiers
American soldiers shoot 3 of Goldfinger’s men
Bond electrocutes Oddjob
American soldiers shoot 11 of Goldfinger’s men
1 of Goldfinger’s men crushed behind vault door

Plane: 2
Bond, while struggling with Goldfinger’s gun, accidentally shoots out a plane window, causing the cabin to de-pressurize and Goldfinger to get sucked out of the plane
1 henchman onboard is killed when the plane crashes (Bond’s kill since he caused the cabin to depressurize)