God Of Gamblers Returns (1994): Body Count Breakdown

God Of Gamblers Returns (1994): Body Count by luvmetender009


Ko Chun (Chow Yun Fat) – 37, 1 shared with Lung
Lung Wu (Charles Heung) – 21, 1 shared with Ko Chun
Cheung Po-Sing (Wong Kam-Kong) – 5
Chao Siu Chi/’The Devil of Gamblers’ (Hsing-kuo Wu) – 3
Hoi Traitor (Ken Lo) – 2


Villa – 30
-Chao’s minions kills 3 of their clients
-Chao kills 1 of his client with throwing cards
-Alex (Ko’s French Gardener) shot dead by Chao’s thugs
-Lung Wu stabs 1 thug, shoots 1
-Ko Chun shoots 3 thugs
-French maid shoots 2 thugs
-Lung Wu shoots 2 thugs
-8 thugs flung out of villa’s side windows (whomever blew them out isn’t shown. It might be Ko Chun, but it isn’t implied heavily enough in that brief scene)
-Ko Chun shoots 3 more thugs in hall

Forced Abortion – 3
-Ko Chun’s wife bleeds to death
-Lung Wu shoots last thug

Hoi’s Yatch – 8
-Ko Chun stabs 1 diver and kills 1 more with his own harpoon
-Divers stabs 2 people on Hoi’s yacht (seen briefly in background)
-Hoi On stabbed by the Traitor
-3 more corpses seen in background

Mansion – 46
-Hon Lam Bau shot dead by thugs
-Ko Chun shoots 1 thug, kills 1 with throwing cards, slash 5 dead with samurai sword
-Ko Chun hurls a sword into 1 thug’s back
-Ko Chun shoots 4 with dual pistols
-Ko Chun shoots 4 more on and near staircase
-Cheung Po-Sing shoots 5 thugs
-Ko Chun shoots 2 more thugs
-Cheung Po-Sing killed by thugs
-Lung Wu shoots 10 thugs
-Ko Chun shoots 10 more thugs
-Lung Wu, Ko Chun, shoots The Traitor together
-Yao-Yao dies, succumbing from gunshot wounds by Traitor

Last Gamble – 3
-The decoy is flung off a balcony to his death
-Chao kills a casino guard
-Ko Chun slash Chao from head to groin with a sword


-One of Trumpet’s cliques is seen bound in a fishing net, and appears to choke but he is still alive when the camera cuts away from his face