Gladiator (2000) Bodycount Breakdown

Gladiator (2000) Body Count by luvmetender009


Maximus (Russell Crowe) – 31, 2 shared with Juba
Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) – 2
Juba (Djimon Hounsou) – 5, 2 shared with Maximus
Hagen (Ralf Moeller) – 3


Germania/Unleash Hell – 62
-Roman sentry’s decapitated head seen
-2 Germanians arrowed
-1 Germanian burnt
-3 Germanian impaled
-1 more Germanian arrowed
-Romans kills 1 Germanian
-Maximus kills 2 Germanians
-Germanian leader kills 2 Roman soldiers
-Roman soldiers kills 2 Germanians
-1 Roman soldier’s corpse seen
-Maximus kills 9 Germanians
-Germanians kills 1 Roman
-5 Roman’s corpses seen
-Germanian leader killed by several Romans
-Romans kills 1 Germanian
-4 Germanian corpses seen
-Romans kills 3 Germanians
-Germanians kills 1 Roman
-21 corpses (highest number I counted) seen in aftermath of battle

Usurping the Throne – 1
-Commodus strangles Marcus Aurelius

A Soldier’s Death – 4
-Maximus stabs 2 Praetorians
-Maximus throws a sword into 1 Praetorian
-Maximus cuts down 1 Praetorian

Spain/Maximus’ Home – 4
-Maximus’ wife and son were seen hung by Praetorians
-2 slaves’ burnt corpses seen in background

Proximo’s Home – 3
-2 decaying corpses seen
-Slave killed by gladiator

The Arena – 11
-1 slave gladiator hit in head by ball and chain
-Maximus kills 1 gladiator
-2 corpses seen
-Hagen kills 1 gladiator
-Hagen’s partner is killed
-Maximus kills 1 gladiator
-1 more slave killed
-Maximus and Juba cuts down 1 gladiator, shared kill
-Hagen impales 1 gladiator
-Maximus and Juba breaks 1 gladiator’s neck with their chains

“Are you NOT entertained?” – 6
-Maximus kills 6 gladiators

Battle of Cathage – 16
-Gladiators kills 1 slave gladiator
-Gladiator arrows 2 slave gladiators
-Gladiators spears 1 slave gladiator
-Juba spears 1 gladiator
-Gladiator accidentally cuts 1 of their own into half with chariot’s spike
-A chariot crashes, killing 2 gladiators
-A chariot hits a wall, killing 1 gladiator in it
-Juba smash 1 gladiator’s head
-Maximus spears 1 gladiator
-Maximus decapitates 2 gladiators
-Juba and slaves kills 1 gladiator
-Other slaves kills 2 gladiators

Night/Getaway – 8

-Hagen stabs 1 Praetorian
-3 Praetorian corpses seen
-Proximo is killed
-Hagen is arrowed
-1 more Praetorian’s corpse seen
-Cicero is hung and arrowed

And Now We Are Free – 2
-Maximus stabs Commodus with his own blade
-Maximus succumbs to being wounded by Commodus earlier


-Many skeletons of previously slain men were seen.
-Maximus kills a tiger.
-Many, many Praetorians badly beaten up in Night scene.