Gamer (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Gamer (2009) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Kable/John Tillman (Gerard Butler): 47
Mean Slayer (Keith Jardine): 5
Hackman (Terry Crews): 2
Sandra (Zoe Bell): 1


Opening Battle: 38
-Kable shoots 2 Slayers
-1 dead Slayer is seen
-Kable shoots 3 Slayers in a row
-Mean Slayer mows down 5 other Slayers
-1 Slayer blown up by thrown grenade
-8 dead Slayers are seen dead in a pile
-Kable shoots 2 more Slayers
-1 Slayer is shot by another
-A random guy is shot
-Kable shoots 1 Slayer on the staircase
-Kable shoots 1 Slayer
-Kable headshots 2 Slayers
-Kable shoots 1 Slayer
-Kable guns down 1 Slayer with a pistol
-Kable shoots 2 Slayers
-1 Slayer is shot by the others
-5 Slayers are seen dead by a tractor

Prison Yard: 1
-An inmate beats a guard to death

Round 2: 28
-Kable shotguns 1 Slayer
-Kable machine guns 1 Slayer
-Helicopter mows down 3 Slayers
-A Slayer burns 3 other Slayers with a flamethrower
-A Slayer mows down 5 other Slayers with a turret
-A woman is hit by an ice-cream truck
-1 dead Slayer is seen on another truck’s tires
-Kable mows down 4 Slayers in a row
-Sandra shoots 1 other Slayer through a window
-A sniper shoots Sandra in the head
-Kable shoots the sniper
-Slayers shoot 3 other Slayers
-2 dead Slayers are seen
-Kable shoots 1 Slayer who is on fire

Round 3: 13

-Kable blows 1 Slayer to pieces with a grenade launcher
-Kable shoots 5 Slayers in a row
-A Slayer shoots Freek
-3 dead Slayers are shown next to Freek’s body
-A Slayer on a dirtbike is blown up
-2 Slayers are blown up by random explosions

Weight Room: 1
-An inmate is killed by the nanomites

“Turn Me Loose”/Kable’s Last Round: 7
-Kable blows up 1 Slayer with a grenade launcher
-1 dead Slayer is seen next to Kable
-3 Slayers are killed
-Kable shoots a truck’s driver, causing it another to flip over and crash, killing the driver

Club: 1
-Kable breaks Rick Rape’s back over his knee

Elevator: 2
-Hackman stabs 1 Society woman in the back
-Hackman stabs her boyfriend in the stomach after breaking his neck

Escape: 4
-Kable shoots 4 security guards

“Where The Fuck Do We Go?!”: 1
-Kable shoots a gunman in the head

Club: 7
-Kable shoots 3 security guards
-Guards shoot 4 bystanders

Testing: 1
-John shoots Scotch

Massacre: 6
-Castle’s guards shoots Humanz Dude
-Castle’s guards mow down 4 Humanz members
-Castle’s guards shoot Humanz Brother

Dance Number Fight: 3
-Kable breaks an inmate’s neck
-Kable punches 1 inmate to death
-Kable breaks an inmate’s neck using the floor

Basketball Court: 1

-Kable breaks Hackman’s neck

“Your Mind, Boy”: 1

-Kable stabs Castle in the stomach


-Kable brutally beats up 5 inmates in the Dance Number Fight but didn’t kill them