Game Of Death (1978): Body Count Breakdown

Game Of Death (1978): Body Count by luvmetender009


Billy Lo (Bruce Lee) – 11
Carl Miller – 1


Fight Night – 2
-Carl Miller kills Lo Chen in arena
-Billy Lo kills Carl Miller in locker

Warehouse – 6

-Billy sets a crate before a biker’s path, causing him to filp over and land on his head
-Billy smash a biker’s head with a motorcycle’s front wheel
-Billy karate-chops 2 biker’s neck while still on his bike, killing them
-Billy cause 1 biker to crash into a pile of garbage
-Billy punched Stick to death

Red Pepper Restaurant – 4

-Billy breaks Pasquel’s neck
-Billy strangles Hakim
-Billy knocks Steiner down a flight of stairs, killing him upon the impact
-Billy knocks Dr. Land off a roof

End Credits – 6

-Chen Zhen kills Petrov (Fist of Fury stock footage)
-Chen Zhen kills Hiroshi Suzuki (Fist of Fury stock footage)
-Cheng Chao-an stabs 2 man (The Big Boss stock footage)
-Cheng Chao-an holds on to a friend’s corpse (The Big Boss stock footage)
-Cheng Chao-an breaks a henchman’s balls (The Big Boss stock footage)


-Many, MANY people are beaten up during the course of the film.
-Hakim strangles 1 man during a monologue sequence, but as the camera cuts away the man is still alive.
-1 body is seen lying in the background as Billy battles the Korean fighter (now how the hell did that get there???) but I don’t know if that is a corpse or not.

Although Bruce Lee died before filming of this movie is completed, and many of Billy Lo’s scenes are portrayed (sometimes blatantly obvious) by other actors instead of Bruce, however I counted the kills done by Billy Lo as Bruce’s kills since the end theme credits Billy Lo under Bruce Lee’s name.