Full Contact (1993): Body Count Breakdown

Full Contact (1993): Body Count by Luvmetender09

(previously done by Rorschach94)


Gou Fei (Chow Yun Fat): 12, 1 shared with Sam Sei (Watch HERE)
Judge (Simon Yam): 3, 1 shared with Psycho
Lau Ngang (Bonnie Fu): 3
Sam Sei (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang): 4, 1 shared with Gou Fei
Psycho (Frankie Chin): 3, 1 shared with Judge


Robbery – 2
-Psycho shoots 2 cops

Weapons Heist – 7
-Lau Ngang blows up a car, killing 3 people inside
-Gou Fei shoots 1 guy in another car
-Judge shoots Chung in the side of his head
-Psycho shoots an innocent person
-Another innocent person is shot and rendered immobile by Psycho, and is killed when the building is blown up by Judge

Bar – 1
-Sam Sei shoots 1 thug

Pool – 1 (imagined)
-Sam Sei sees himself getting shot by an unseen assailiant (somewhat implied to be Gou Fei but not enough to be confirmed)

Payback – 1
-Sam Sei shoots Loan Shark Hung

Warehouse – 4
-Sam Sei shoots the henchman tortured by Gou Fei
-Gou Fei shoots a fire extinguisher, killing 1 henchman
-Gou Fei chains a thug while Sam Sei kicks the thug off the balcony where he gets hung to death (shared kill)
-Gou Fei shoots 1 more henchman on the front of the boat, who then fell into the water

Club – 2
-Gou Fei shoots Judge’s boyfriend through the eye
-Judge shoots Lau Ngang in the back of her head

Revenge – 6
-Gou Fei blows up a car, killing 1 henchman inside
-Gou Fei shoots 4 more henchmen
-Gou Fei runs down Psycho, then shoots him in the head

“Masturbate in hell!!!” – 1
-Gou Fei shoots Judge through his throat


-The goldsmith store’s saleslady is stabbed by Judge in the robbery scene, but she is still alive when the scene cuts and is never confirmed to be dead.
-3 thugs are shot in the heist scene and appears to be dead, but all 3 appears later.
-Two innocent people are shot in the heist scene, and one appears to be dead, but does not die until the building is blown up.
-At the bar, Lau Ngang throws a grenade, but it is never shown killing anybody
-In the warehouse scene, 1 henchman possibly has his neck broken, but it appeared that he was only knocked out, and more people could have possibly been killed by the exploding fire extinguisher but only 1 is shown to have died.
-Finally, there is one more henchman standing next to the car blown up by Gou Fei in the finale and never seen again, but is never confirmed to be dead.