For Your Eyes Only (1981): Body Count Breakdown

For Your Eyes Only (1981) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by Kooshmeister)


James Bond (Roger Moore): 18
Milos Columbo (Topol): 7
Emilio Leopold Loque (Michael Gothard): 6
Santos (Alkis Kritikos): 4
Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet): 2
Hector Gonzales (Stefan Kalipha): 2
Nikos (Stag Theodore): 1
Ernst Stavro Blofeld (John Hollis): 1


Opening: 2
-Blofeld electrocutes the helicopter pilot
-Bond drops Blofeld down a smokestack

St. Georges: 20
-St. Georges is sunk by a mine, killing 20 crew members

First Blood: 2
-Gonzales shoots Timothy and Iona Havelock with plane guns

Melina’s Revenge: 4
-Melina shoots Gonzales with crossbow
-Melina shoots 1 henchman with crossbow
-2 henchmen are blown up by the Lotus’ self-destruct mechanism, set by Bond

A Dozen Lillies: 1
-Bond causes 1 assassin on a motorcycle to crash through a flower shop window

A Dove for Ferrara: 1
-Locque kills Ferrara offscreen (we see the body)

Beach: 2
-Loque runs over Lisl
-One of Columbo’s men shoots Claus with a speargun

Warehouse Assault: 16
-Bond shoots 1 thug
-Santos throws a knife into 1 thug
-Locque shoots 4 of Columbo’s men
-One of Columbo’s men shoots 1 thug
-Bond, Columbo, and some of Columbo’s men roll a container of Opium onto 1 thug
-Bond and Columbo roll another stack of Opium containers onto 2 thugs
-Bond, Columbo, and Santos shoot 3 thugs
-Nikos shoots 1 thug
-Bond shoots 1 thug
-Bond blows up 1 thug with a grenade

No Head for Heights: 1
-Bond kicks Locque’s car off a cliff, killing him

St. Georges Wreck: 1
-Bond blows up 1 diver with a bomb

Keelhauled: 1
-Bond causes 1 thug to fall off Kristatos’ boat and he is eaten by sharks

Detente, Comrade: 3
-Bond throws a knife into Apostis and he falls off the mountain
-Bond pushes Kriegler out a window and down the mountain side
-Columbo kills Kristatos with a knife flung into his back


-On the beach, 1 thug flips his dune buggy, but because of the roll bar he probably survived.
-Bond jams the Mantis minisub into the hole in the hull of the St. Georges, but it is unclear if the pilot dies or not.
-It is mentioned that Kristatos’ thugs killed Melina’s crew but we don’t see their bodies.
-Finally, 1 thug is shot by Melina with a crossbow at the mountain, but he survives.