Fist Of Fury a.k.a The Chinese Connection (1972): Body Count Breakdown

Fist Of Fury a.k.a The Chinese Connection (1972): Body Count by luvmetender009


Chen Zhen – 13


Funeral – 1
-Chen Zhen’s master’s death

Kitchen – 2
-Chen Zhen kills the Japanese cook and the traitor

Alley – 1
-Chen Zhen kills Hu

Dojo Battle – 10
-Chen Zhen kills 5 dojo students and the dojo’s master with his own sword
-Chen Zhen kicks a dojo studnet into a koi pond, who drowns
-Chen Zhen smash another dojo student’s intestines with a punch in the gut
-Chen Zhen breaks Petrov’s neck
-Chen Zhen kicks Hiroshi Suzuki through a wall, killing him

Aftermath – 20
-8 corpses of Jing Wu association’s students seen in hall, including that of Fan Chun-hsia and Yen
-5 more corpses seen in opposite room
-6 corpses on stairway landing
-The Captain laments on another corpse revealed


-There may be more deaths in the Jing Wu association and Japanese Dojo.
-Chen Zhen is shot in the ending, but the (very belated) 2010 sequel Legend of the Fist reveals that he survived.