Fei du juan yun shan [Magnificent Bodyguards] (1978) Body Count

Fei du juan yun shan [Magnificent Bodyguards] (1978) Body Count by luvmetender009


Zhang / The Deaf Beggar (Fu Sheng) – 20
Chang Wu-Yi (James Tien) – 10
Lord Wu (Yasuyoshi Shikamura) – 6
Lord Ting Chung (Jackie Chan) – 2
The Merchant (Li Wen Tai) – 1
Twin Sister #2 (Wang Ping) – 1


Inn – 1
-Chang skins Wu Chin Sau, killing him

Valley – 3
-Chang kills bandit leader and 1 thug
-Twin #2 kills 1 thug

Temple – 13
-Zhang stabs 2 monks
-11 monks are seen beaten unconscious on temple floor, they died when the entire temple is filled with poison gas

Inn – 1
-The Merchant stabs woman assasin

Underground Cave – 30
-Chang kills the Merchant
-Wu kills 4 of his own men
-Wu kills the old hag
-Zhang kills 4 thugs
-Ding strangles 1 elite thug with a lenght of chain
-Zhang kills 7 thugs
-Chang forced elder monk’s halberd into 1 thug (Chang’s kill)
-Chang kills elder monk
-Chang kills 2 thugs
-Zhang kills 3 thugs
-Zhang kills Wen Liang Yu
-Zhang kills the Twin Sisters
-Wu accidentally kills 1 of his own when trying to kill Ding
-Chang kills Lan

Forest – 1
-Ding stabs Wu, causing him to be paralysed, then Ding, Zhang and Chang kills him together


-Ting beats up a massive amount of people throughout the film but however most of the times he is fighting unarmed amd being Jackie Chan he didn’t kill anyone with punches alone.