Face/Off (1997): Body Count Breakdown

Face/Off (1997) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rorschach)


Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage/John Travolta): 26 (12 as Cage, 14 as Travolta)
Ivan Dubov (Chris Bauer): 6
Sean Archer (John Travolta/Nicolas Cage): 4 (as Cage)
Sasha Hassler (Gina Gershon): 4
Dietrich Hassler (Nick Cassavetes): 4
Walton (John Carroll Lynch): 1
Aldo (Kirk Baltz): 1


Six Years Earlier: 1
-Troy snipes Michael Archer while trying to kill Sean

Airport: 11
-Troy shoots Agent Winters and throws her out of the plane
-Troy shoots the pilot
-Troy shoots 2 FBI agents
-Troy blows up 1 agent
-Troy shoots 4 more agents
-Troy shoots Agent Berkely
-Troy shoots another agent

The New Archer: 3
-Troy burns Tito, Miller, and Walsh alive

Prison Break: 7
-Dubov shoots 5 guards
-Dubov throws 1 guard off a railing
-Walton shoots Dubov and causes him to fall off the railing

Penthouse: 20
-Dietrich shoots 4 agents
-3 agents shot by bodyguards
-Sasha shoots 4 agents
-1 bodyguard shot by an agent
-Fitch is shot by an agent
-Cindee is shot by an agent
-Aldo and an agent shoot each other
-1 bodyguard killed in the crossfire
-Troy shoots Dietrich
-Archer kicks Pollux through the glass ceiling and onto the floor
-Troy shoots Loomis

Office: 1
-Troy punches Lazarro in the chest and causes him to have a heart attack

Church: 3
-Archer shoots Lars
-Archer shoots Leo
-Sasha dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by Troy

Road: 3
-Troy shoots 2 agents
-Troy shoots a boat driver

Boat Chase: 4
-Troy shoots 4 cops on their boat

Final Fight: 1
-Archer shoots Troy with a harpoon gun


-During the prison break, Archer wounds several guards, but as he was aiming to incapacitate rather than kill and since the injuries didn’t look serious, they were most definitiely not killed.
-Archer also beats up a few agents including Buzz at the penthouse but didn’t kill any of them.
-Walton is beaten down by Hicks and the other inmates, but it’s not confirmed if he was killed or not.