Exit Wounds Killcount and Body Count Breakdown

Exit Wounds (2001)

Starring Steven Seagal

Seagal kills 15

Exit Wounds right held by Warner Bros.

Exit Wounds (2001): Body Count by gregglop09


Orin Boyd (Steven Seagal): 15
George Clark (Isaiah Washington): 2
Latrell Walker (DMX): 2
Chief Hinges (Bill Duke): 2


Bridge: 21
-Hitmen shoot 1 Agent in the head
-Hitmen shoot 5 Secret Service Agents
-Orin guns down the hitman with dual pistols
-Orin runs down 1 hitman with a newspaper van
-Orin shoots 3 hitmen while taking a human shield
-Orin’s human shield is shot by his comrades, caused by Orin holding him up (shared)
-Orin shoots the gunman in the helicopter
-Orin magically shoots down the helicopter with his pistol, killing the pilot
-Hitmen shoot 5 more Secret Service Agents
-Orin shoots 2 more hitmen

Van: 2
-Orin causes Montini to inject the driver with a lethal poison
-Orin places a corrupt cop on the edge of the van, causing him to get crushed by another car

Club Fight: 1
-Orin smashes a bouncer’s throat with a chain and knocks him through a window, apparently killing him

Chase: 3
-Malcahy is killed in a car crash
-2 bad guys killed in a car crash

Final Showdown: 10
-Orin shoots 2 bad guys with a shotgun
-George shoots 2 bad guys
-Chief Hinges blows up 1 bad guy with a gas canister
-Chief Hinges shoots Daniels with a shotgun
-Cops shoot 2 bad guys
-Latrell shoots 1 bad guy with a shotgun

Final Fights: 2
-Orin causes helicopter to be tangled up with a pipe, causing Lewis to fall onto the pipe, impaling him
-Latrell impales Montini through the head with a wall spike