Executive Decision (1996): Body Count Breakdown

Executive Decision (1996) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rorschach)


Suicide Bomber (Juan Fernandez): 37
Lt. Col. Austin Travis (Steven Seagal): 11
Sergeant Louie (B.D. Wong): 5
Sergeant Baker (Whip Hubley): 5
Captain Rat (John Leguizamo): 4
Nagi Hassan (David Suchet): 4


Opening Raid: 24
-Travis cuts up 3 terrorists
-Travis shoots 4 terrorists
-Rat shoots 1 terrrorist
-Commandos shoot 8 terrorists
-Baker shoots 2 terrorists
-Travis shoots 1 terrorist
-Louie shoots 2 terrorists
-Baker shoots 1 terrorist and he falls off balcony
-Collins is shot by a terrorist
-Rat shoots the terrorist who killed Collins

Abduction: 4
-American agents shoot 2 terrorists
-1 unidentified body shown on the streets
-1 more terrorist shot by an agent

London: 37
-Suicide Bomber blows up himself and 36 other people inside restaurant

Hijacking: 1
-One of Hassan’s men bashes Allison’s head against a cart

Boarding the Plane: 3

-Travis sacrifices himself to close the transfer tube hatch and is sucked out of the tube
-2 other commandos still onboard the stealth jet when it crashes, caused by Travis

Betrayal: 1
-Hassan shoots Kahlil

Demands: 1
-Hassan shoots Senator Mavros

Takedown: 12
-Rat shoots Ahmed
-Baker shoots 2 terrorists
-Louie shoots Demou
-Louie shoots 2 terrorists
-An injured terrorist accidentally shoots out a plane window in his death spasms and causes 3 passengers to get sucked out
-Hassan shoots the 2 pilots
-Rat shoots Hassan


-There were very likely more than just 36 people in the restaurant, but those are all who are shown.