Escape From New York (1981): Body Count Breakdown

Escape From New York (1981) Bodycount Breakdown by gregglop09

(Previously done by Rantbo)


The Stewardess (Nancy Stephens): 12
Snake Plisskin (Kurt Russell): 9
Maggie (Adrienne Barbeau): 6
The Duke (Issac Hayes): 3
The President (Donald Pleasence): 1
Harold ‘The Brain’ Helman (Harry Dean Stanton): 1


Complying: 2
-Helicopter bombs a raft, killing 2 prisoners

Air Force One: 12

-The pilot and co-pilot’s dead bodies are seen (killed by the Stewardess)
-The Stewardess causes the plane to crash and explode, killing the hijacker and 9 Secret Service Agents

“Crazy” Escape: 2
-Snake guns down 2 Crazies with his machine gun

“What’s Wrong With Broadway?”: 3
-Snake shoots 1 Crazy off the car
-Maggie shoots 1 Crazy
-A severed head is shown on a pole

Train: 2
-Snake breaks a thug’s neck
-Snake throws a shuriken into a thug’s head

Subterfuge: 4
-Maggie shoots 3 Gypsies
-Brain stabs Romero in the gut

Slag vs Snake: 1
-Snake slams a nail bat into Slug’s head, killing him

World Trade Center: 5
-Snake shoots 3 Red-Skins (on Youtube it shows another one being shot)
-Maggie shoots 2 Red-Skins off-screen (bodies are shown)

Escape From New York: 6
-Cabbie and Brain are killed by mine explosion
-The Duke runs down Maggie
-The Duke guns down 2 security guards
-The President shoots The Duke with a machine gun