Eraser (1996) Killcount & Body Count Breakdown

Eraser (1996)

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Schwarzenegger kills 40

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Eraser (1996) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender009)


John “The Eraser” Kruger (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 40
Johnny Casteleone (Robert Pastorelli): 9
Mike (Tony Longo): 6
Robert Deguerin (James Caan): 4
Sal (John Snyder): 2
William Donahue (James Cromwell): 1


Opening/Casteleone House: 4
-John hangs 1 thug
-John slams 1 thug’s head in a freezer and then twists his neck
-John shoots 1 thug
-John breaks Pauley’s neck

Cyrez Offices: 1
-Donahue shoots himself

Lee Cullen’s House: 6
-2 FBI agents seen fried by the mercenaries’ EM-1 railgun
-Darryl shot dead by a mercenary’s railgun
-John causes a gas leak in the kitchen, blowing it up and killing 3 mercenaries in the blast

Cabin: 6
-Deguerin shoots 1 mercenary
-John stabs 1 mercenary through a door
-John shoots 1 mercenary
-Deguerin shoots the mercenary holding Allison
-John kicks 1 mercenary out of a window to his death
-Deguerin shoots Allison

Plane: 1
-Deguerin shoots Monroe

Zoo: 4
-John shoots 1 mercenary
-John shoots out aquarium glass, releasing the alligators inside and they devour J. Scar and 2 other mercenaries

Cyrez Infiltration: 7
-John shoots 1 security guard
-John pulls the grenade pins off 1 security guard’s vest and kicks him into an elevator containing 4 other guards and all 5 of them are blown up in the subsequent explosion
-John shoots 1 more security guard

Helipad: 1

-John breaks Haggerty’s neck

Docks: 27
-John breaks 1 mercenary’s neck
-Royce is mistakenly shot with a railgun by a sniper
-John impales Somes with a metal rod
-John shoots Schiff and Calderon through the floor using dual pistols
-John shoots 7 mercenaries with dual railguns
-John blows up a van, killing 3 mercenaires in and around it in the explosion
-Sal shoots the sniper in the eye through the scope of his railgun
-John blows up a truck carrying 4 mercenaries and it flies into the water
-Casteleone and Mike both shoot Petrofsky and 2 other Russian terrorists
-1 terrorist is blown up in an explosion, courtesy of Castelone’s, Sal’s, and Mike’s gunfire
-Mike shoots 1 terrorist
-Casteleone and Mike both shoot 1 terrorist
-Casteleone shoots 1 more terrorist

Erased: 3
-Casteleone leaves limo containing Deguerin, Harper, and Morehart on the railroad and they are all blown up by an incoming train


-Lee’s friend Claire Isaacs is mentioned dead by John.
-The bodycount also includes one of the alligators, a victim of John’s.