Eastern Condors (1987): Body Count Breakdown

Eastern Condors (1987): Body Count by luvmetender009


Ming-Sun Tung (Sammo Hung Kam-Bo) – 69, 1 shared with Vu and May
Colonel Yang (Melvin Wong) – 22
Vu (Yuen Biao) – 26, 1 shared with Tung and May
Deng / Guerilla Girl #1 – 30
Liu / Guerilla Girl #2/VietCong Spy – 4
May Lin / Guerilla Girl #3 – 4, 1 shared with Tung and Vu
Filter – 4
Benny – 3
Danny – 1


Cambodian Women Commandos Intro – 4
-Deng throws a knife through 1 Vietcong’s chest
-May stabs 1 Vietcong in the crotch
-Deng stabs 1 Vietcong
-Liu stealth kills 1 Vietcong

Error in Landing – 1
-Sunny’s chute failed to open and he falls to death

Riverbank – 7

-Fingers shot by Vietcongs
-Deng blows up a boat containing 3 Vietcongs
-Deng stabs 1 Vietcong
-Tung stabs 1 Vietcong
-Deng shoots 1 Vietcong

Gate – 2

-Tung shoots 2 Vietcongs

Village Shootout – 19
-Tung shoots Vietcong Sergeant
-Colonel Yang destroys a Howitzer cannon and blows up 4 Vietcongs near it
-Colonel Yang blows up 11 Vietcongs
-Commandoes shoot 3 Vietcongs

Jungle Stalk – 11

-Tung stabs 1 Vietcong with dual knives
-Tung throws a knife into 1 Vietcong
-Vu chokes 1 Vietcong to death
-Tung stabs 1 Vietcong with a palm frond
-Vu kicks 1 Vietcong in the neck, breaking it
-Tung stabs 1 more Vietcong with a palm frond
-Tung breaks 1 Vietcong’s head
-Tung stabs 2 Vietcongs
-Tung beats 1 Vietcong Colonel to death
-Vu beats 1 Vietcong Colonel to death

Capture – 1
-1 commando shot by Vietcong

POW Camp – 24

-Child Vietcong shoots 2 POWs
-Tung, Vu, and May drowns 1 Vietcong together, each credited with 1 kill
-Tung strangles 1 Vietcong
-Tung shoots 7 Vietcongs
-Deng drowns 1 Vietcong
-Commando drowns 1 Vietcong
-2 Vietcongs shot
-Liu shoots 2 Vietcongs
-Benny and Danny each drowns 1 Vietcong
-Tung, Vu, Liu and May shoots at a group of 4 Vietcongs, they each kills 1
-Child Vietcong stabs Danny

Traitor Exposed – 1
-May shoots Liu

Bridge – 76
-Tung discards his grenades, blowing up a jeep and killing its driver
-Tung cuts down 2 Vietcongs, decapitates 1
-Vu shoots 9 Vietcongs
-Deng shoots 8 Vietcongs
-2 Vietcong’s corpses in background
-Deng shoots 7 Vietcongs
-Vu shoots 6 Vietcongs
-Tung cuts down 5 Vietcongs
-Tung shoots 25 Vietcongs
-Vu shoots 5 Vietcongs
-Deng shoots 5 Vietcongs

Last Stand – 6

-Filter blows up a jeep with 4 Vietcongs on board
-Mouse and Filter are blown up by tanks

Munitions Dump – 39

-Deng shoots Lung
-1 Vietcong shot
-Benny shoots 2 Vietcongs
-Colonel Yang shoots 4 Vietcongs
-Commando shoots 8 Vietcongs
-Commando killed by Vietcongs
-Colonel Yang shoots 3 Vietcongs
-Tung shoots 11 Vietcongs
-May shot by Vietcongs
-Vietcongs shoot 1 commando
-Colonel Yang is shot by Vietcong Colonel
-Vu hangs 1 Vietcong Colonel
-Deng stabs 1 Vietcong Colonel, before she succumbs to being stabbed by him earlier
-Tung snaps 1 Vietcong Colonel’s waist breaking his spine
-Tung shoves grenade between Vietcong Chief Officer’s teeth, blowing him up


-Vu kills a snake too.
-An unconfirmed amount of Vietcongs (estimated to be at least 40) blocked outside the cave which is the entrance of the munitions dump are killed offscreen when the entire place explodes.