Duo shuai [Fatal Move] (2008) Body Count

Duo shuai [Fatal Move] (2008) Body Count by luvmetender009


Lin Ho Lung (Sammo Hung Kam Bo) – 4
Lin Ho Tung (Simon Yam) – 4
Leung Yuet Lin / Soso (Kelly Chu) – 1
Senior Inspector Liu Chi Chung (Danny Lee) – 1
Lok Tin Hung (Jacky Wu Jing) – 23
Law Ting Fat (as Cheung Siu Fai) – 5
Kwok Chi Hang (Jacky Heung) – 6


Interrogation – 1
-Tung shoots guy in container

Hung’s Intro – 4
-Hung kills 4 triads (he also amputates several of them but only 4 are seen succumbing, although the rest are still alive enough to wish they’re dead)

Meeting – 2
-Hung cuts 2 rival triads’ throats

Docks – 8
-Cops shoot 4 triads
-Hung shoots 2 cops
-Cops shoot triads

Road – 5
-Hang kills 5 people

Police Precinct – 7
-Fat shoots guy in prison
-1 dead cop seen
-Cops shoot 1 triad
-Triads shoot 1 cop
-Hang cuts Inspector Wong’s neck
-Hung shoots 1 cop
-Liu blows away 1 triad’s hand which is still holding onto a grenade, he is unable to move when it explodes near him

Plans – 6
-Triads poisons 2 bodyguards
-Triads shoot 4 bodyguards

Lunch – 5
-Fat shoots 4 would-be assasins
-Soso shoots Uncle Yu

Nightclub – 6
-Triads blows up 6 people

Casino Bloodbath – 15
-Hung kills 15 people

Hideout – 5
-Triads executes 5 people

Triad Wars – 15
-Triads kills 3 people
-3 triads shot
-2 triads shot
-Hung shoots 2 triads
-Tung shoots 2 triads
-2 more triads shot
-1 triad blown up by a grenade

“Now, you have more bullet holes than I do” – 1
-Tung empties an entire clip of bullets on Fat

Industrial Warehouses – 5
-Hung cause 1 car to crash, killing the triad driving it
-Lung shoots 2 triads
-1 triad shot
-Lung shoots 1 triad

“I never believed that you’re an invincible fighter” – 1
-Lung impales Hung with a steel pipe

Aftermath – 3
-Lung shot by the police
-Hang is poisoned
-Assasins kills Soso


-Inspector Wong’s wife mentioned to have died from cancer.
-Many, many people either badly beaten up, or seriously tortured throughout the film.
-Tracy was last seen tortured by having her teeth and fingernails pulled out, what happened to her after that is unknown.
-Tung implied to be shot at the end, but we didn’t see it happening.