Dung Fong Bat Bai: Fung wan joi hei [Swordsman III: The East is Red] (1993) Bodycount Breakdown

Dung Fong Bat Bai: Fung wan joi hei [Swordsman III: The East is Red] (1993) Bodycount Breakdown


Dongfang Bubai “Asia the Invincible” (Brigitte Lin) – 111 kills * (Watch here)
Officer Gu Changfong (Yu Rongguang) – 1 kill
Snow/Fake Asia the Invincible (Joey Wang) – 5 kills
Warden of the Holy Altar (Lau Shun) – 1 kill
Officer Ling (Waise Lee) – 1 kill


Blackwood Cliff – 9
-Corpse of the Invincible’s decoy is seen in her grave
-The Invincible deflects the conquistadors’ bullets back at them, killing 8

Boat Battle – 16
-7 cultists blown up by cannons from the Japanese vessel
-7 more cultists shot by samurais
-Fake Asia impales the 2 samurais on a flagpole

Night Infiltration – 1
-Fake Asia vanquishes the ninja infiltrator

“The one you’re worshiping is the origin of all evils!!” – 39
-The warden tears out the innocent Hmong woman’s heart
-The Invincible kills the warden with a powerful qi blast
-The Invincible massacres 37 Hmong tribes people

Failed Escape – 2
-Fake Asia tosses 2 of her own followers on top of burning explosives, killing them

Confrontation of the Invincibles – 3
-The Invincible deflects both cannonballs back at the cultists blowing up 3 of them

Uproar Among the Sect – 1
-Officer Ling spears Officer Ching

Spanish Assault – 47
-27 cultists are blown up by cannons from the Spanish warship
-20 more cultists including Chin dies when their ship sank

The Dead Won’t Argue – 10
-10 Japanese nobles are killed

“I told you someone would come for your legs” – 1
-The Invincible uses General Krigakure’s midget decoy as a shield from the poison trap set for her, killing him

Ming Dynasty Naval Base – 7
-6 corpses of servants seen, killed off-screen by the Invincible
-Fong punctures a vein at the side of Officer Tin’s head and he succumbs off-screen (it seemed fatal enough plus he was never seen again)

Holy Asia the Invincible – 8
-The Invincible blows up the cannons on the Spanish warship killing 8 conquistadors

Ship Battle – 76
-The Spanish vessel is destroyed by the Japanese ship’s cannons, killing 23 conquistadors, the captain and the ship’s priest
-The Invincible kills a Samurai with a small qi blast
-The Invincible sets the explosive in the Japanese warship’s lower deck on fire, blowing it up killing 6 samurais on higher deck and 33 others seen throughout the ship
-The Invincible uses her qi to land the destroyed Japanese warship’s remains on the Ming vessel, crushing 8 crewmen and Officer Ling
-Fake Asia succumbs to wounds inflicted by the Japanese warship’s cannons

-Officer Fong dies when the Ming vessel blows up from being hit multiple times by the Japanese ship’s cannons


-There are some flashback kills in the opening sequence which is from the previous movie, those are not counted.
-Officer Fong causes a flagpole to collapse of 3 cultists and crushes them, but they didn’t die.
-The Invincible deflects a cannonball back upon the upper deck of the Ming vessel, causing a small explosion that knocks over a few Ming troops but the impact didn’t really seem fatal.
-In the ending many Ming crewmen abandons ship as the Invincible crushes their vessel, they weren’t seen drowning and their fates are unknown.
-Similarly, many, many, many others might have died when the Spanish, Japanese and Ming warships are destroyed.

*Only 103 of these kills are Brigitte’s because in her intro she is portrayed by another actor, and it was later revealed her character was behind a mask.

NOTE: In some International Releases, parts of the ending boat battle was cut, so the bodycount in that scene might differ.