Drive Angry (2011) Bodycount Breakdown

Drive Angry (2011): Body Count by killcountsrus79


John Milton(Nicolas Cage=42
Piper(Amber Heard)=4
The Accountant(William Fichtner)=3
Jonah King(Billy Burke)=2


Milton shoots the car driver
Milton shoots a guy

Jonah King slits Milton’s daughter’s throat

The House=1
The Accountant throws a stick into Piper’s ex-boyfriend’s eye

Motel shootout=8
Milton shoots 2 thugs
Milton shoots one thug through a window
Milton shoots one thug’s machete,causing it to go into his head
Milton shoots one thug in the foot and finishes him off with a head shot
Piper stabs one thug in the head with a hook
Piper shoots a cop,and the cop shoots the other cop in the head(Pipers kill)

Church shootout=5
Jonah King shoots one of his own men in the head
Milton shoots 2 of Jonah’s men with a pistol
Milton shoots 2 of Jonah’s men with a shotgun

One of Jonah’s women run over by a car
Milton shoots one of Jonah’s women driving a car
Milton shoots a car with a shotgun and its crashes and blows up,killing two of the people in it

The Finale=31
The Accountant shoves a coin into two worshipers
Milton runs over 5 worshipers and the car chops off one worshiper’s head
Milton runs over another 2 worshipers
Milton shoots 3 worshipers
Milton runs over another 4 worshipers
Milton shoots 7 worshipers
Milton runs over 1 worshiper
Milton shoots 4 worshipers
Piper shoots one worshiper with the exploding gunMilton shoots Jonah King with the exploding gun


We don’t know what The Accountant did to the survivor in the church
The Accountant drove through a bunch of police cars,and they all exploded,but we don’t know if there is anyone in them