Double Impact (1991): Body Count Breakdown

Double Impact (1991): Body Count by luvmetender009


Alex Wagner (Jean Claude Van Damme)- 16
Chad Wagner (Jean Claude Van Damme) – 8
Frank Avery (Geoffrey Lewis) – 4
Moon (Bolo Yeung) – 2
Paul Wagner (Andy Armstrong) – 2
Kara (Corinna Everson) – 1
Spurs (Peter Malota) – 1


25 Years Ago – 7
-Paul shoots 2 triads
-Triads kills Paul
-Moon shoots Katherine Wagner point-blank in the face with a shotgun
-Frank shoots 3 triads

Zhang thought Chad was Alex – 1
-Moon strangles 1 of his own triads

Causeway Bay – 9
-Alex snaps 1 triad’s neck
-Alex shoots 7 triads
-Frank snipers 1 triad

Kilmax Klub – 1

-Kara stabs Mr. Ngyuen

Mahjong Parlour – 1
-Spurs slash a man’s throat

Wood -1
-Alex snaps 1 triad’s neck
-Alex shoots 1 more triad

Boat – 2
-Alex stabs 1 triad
-Chad strangles 1 triad with his legs

Lower Deck -10

-Chad shoots 5 triads
-Alex shoots 2 triads
-Alex beats spurs to death
-Chad kicks Moon into a fusebox, electrocuting him and subsequently causing the entire room he was in to blow up in flames
-Alex stabs Kara

Dock – 2
-Chad drops a storage container on Griffith
-Alex throws Zhang off the top of a platform


-The triads thrown into the causeway bay isn’t shown dying, they were probably picked up by the Hong Kong marine police instead.
-Alex’s bomb caused a lot of damage to the Klimax Klub nightclub but isn’t shown killing anyone.