Doom (2005): Body Count Breakdown

Doom (2005) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Asher “Sarge” Mahonin (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson): 36
John “Reaper” Grimm (Karl Urban): 21
Gregory “Duke” Schofield (Raz Adoti): 4
Mark “The Kid” Dantalian (Al Weaver): 3
Curtis Stahl/The Hell Knight (Brian Steele): 3
Dean Portman (Richard Brake): 1
Eric “Goat” Fantom (Ben Daniels): 1


Genetics Lab: 1
-Reaper shoots Dr. Olson

Locker Room: 1
-Portman and The Kid shoot Tallman

“Clear”: 1
-Hell Knight knocks Mac’s head off with one swing

“What The Fuck?”: 1
-Goat comes back to life as a zombie and kills himself by knocking his head against the window multiple times

Holding Cell: 1
-Hell Knight pulls down the chain Destroyer is climbing and he falls to his death

Bathroom: 1
-Sarge accidentally shoots Portman with the BFG (he was only knocked out when he was shot)

“It’s Irreversible”: 1
-Sarge shoots Dr. Carmack

Back To The Ark: 15

-15 people are seen dead (they do NOT turn back into zombies because they are shown again at the end)

“What’s Your Position?”: 9
-Sarge mows down 6 zombies
-The Kid shoots 2 zombies
-Zombies are seen eating a scientist

“Do You Copy?”: 4
-Sarge finishes a zombie
-Sarge shoots a scientist
-Duke finishes 2 people

“Is It Cleared?”: 1
-Sarge shoots The Kid

Hallway: 20
-Sarge shoots 12 zombies
-Reaper shoots 5 zombies
-Duke shoots 2 zombies
-Hell Knight kills Duke

Game On: 25
-Reaper shoots 4 zombies
-2 zombies are seen dead
-Reaper shoots another zombie
-Reaper shoots a gas tank, setting 1 Hell Knight on fire
-Reaper shoots 1 zombie’s head off
-Reaper guns down 1 zombie
-1 dead zombies is shown getting eaten by rats
-Reaper shoots 1 zombie
-Reaper shoots 1 Imp
-4 dead bodies are seen in the background
-Reaper shoots a zombie’s hand, causing him to stab himself in the face with a tomahawk
-Reaper shoots another Imp
-Reaper blows up the Hell Knight with a land mine
-Reaper shoots the transformed Pinky

Lockdown: 13
-13 dead workers are seen, killed by Sarge off-screen

Sarge vs Reaper: 1
-Reaper throws Sarge into The Ark and throws a grenade in there, blowing up Sarge