Don’t Kill It Body Count Breakdown

Don’t Kill It (2016) Body Count Breakdown by Longuecarabine


FBI Agent Deacon Shepard (Miles Doleac): 13
Glen Prichard (Milorad Djomlija): 6
Marcus Banks (Todd Farmer): 4
Older Sister (Emily Brobst): 4
FBI Agent Evelyn Pierce (Kristina Klebe): 3
Gabriel (Randy Austin): 3
Jebediah Woodley Sr. (Todd Messenger): 2
Daniel McCallum (N/A): 2
Pastor Erikson (James Chalke): 1
Emmett (Daniel McPherson): 1
Kitchen Demon (Tara Cardinal): 1


Opening: 6
Gabriel shoots his wife and son
Gabriel hacks one of Marcus’ daughters to death with a cleaver
Marcus shoots Gabriel
Marcus finishes off his wife
Marcus shoots his other daughter

“I never knew what violence was”: 3
Marcus shoots Bethany McCallum
Mr. McCallum shoots Marcus
Mr. McCallum shoots Benjamin McCallum

Demon Exposition: 9
Kitchen Demon stabs a man through the bottom of the mouth
Six people shown dead, killed by the demon
Woodley Sr. poisons himself and shoots a possessed man

Temptation: 1
Evelyn imagines shooting the possessed Prichard

“For Pete’s sake”: 35
Possessed Prichard hacks four townspeople to death with an axe
Possessed Prichard chops off a man’s arm with a machete and leaves him to bleed out
Possessed Prichard chops open a woman’s head
A cop shoots Prichard in the head
The cop that shot Prichard shoots two cops
A bald cop shoots that cop at point-blank range
Two people shown dead on the floor
The possessed bald cop shoots two people
The possessed bald cop hacks three people to death with a chainsaw
A woman shoots the bald cop in the head
The possessed woman shoots a civilian
A body shown on the ground
The possessed woman shoots a Santa Claus lookalike
A van driver runs over the woman
Possessed Van Driver runs over six civilians
A motorcycle rider shoots the Possessed Van Driver in the head
At least six bodies shown in the aftermath

Cabin: 1
Older Sister shoots the possessed motorcycle rider offscreen (gunshot heard)

Failed Sacrifice: 6
Emmett poisons himself
Older Sister hacks an FBI agent to death with an axe
Older Sister sticks an axe in an FBI agent’s head and Shepard and other FBI agents shoot him (shared)
Older Sister shoves an FBI agent onto a pair of stag horns
Shepard and FBI agents shoot Older Sister (for some reason it only goes into one agent)
A possessed FBI agent shoots an FBI agent in the head
The possessed FBI agent dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by Shepard (indicated by it possessing him)

“Oh, you sick fucker”: 15
Possessed Shepard stabs two mobsters with a knife
Possessed Shepard shoots a mobster
Possessed Shepard smashes a mobster’s head with a rifle while shooting another in the head
Possessed Shepard shoots two mobsters
Possessed Shepard kills three mobsters
A mobster shoots the possessed Shepard in the head
A possessed mobster pulls the pin off a grenade and hands it to another mobster, blowing him up
Pastor Erikson shoots that mobster
Evelyn shoots Pastor Erikson
Evelyn blows herself up



Gabriel shoots his dog
Prichard apparently shot Daniel McCallum
Woodley shoots Pastor Erikson with a rubber bullet gun