Dillinger (1973) Body Count Breakdown

Dillinger (1973) Body Count Breakdown by Rutledal


John Dillinger (Warren Oates): 1
Melvin Purvis (Ben Johnson): 7 (3 shared with Cowley, 1 shared with 9 unnamed G-Men)
Billie Frechette (Michelle Phillips): 1
Homer Van Meter (Harry Dean Stanton): 6
Harry Pierpont (Geoffrey Lewis): 5
“Baby Face” Nelson (Richard Dreyfuss): 16
“Pretty Boy” Floyd (Steve Kanaly): 7
Eddie Martin (John Martino): 2
Samuel Cowley (Roy Jenson): 4 (3 shared with Purvis)
Reed Youngblood (Frank McRae): 1
Ed Fulton (Roland Bob Harris): 1


Purvis Tells a Story: 1
-Body seen in street, as it appears to be an old newspaper image it may just be real

End of the Tri-State Terror: 2

-Purvis kills Wilbur Underhill
-Underhill kills his wife Eva (off screen)

First Bank Robbery Escape: 8
-Dillinger and Van Meter kills O’Malley
-Eddie Martin runs over a lady
-Eddie Martin shoots a cop
-Pierpont shoots a cop
-Ed Fulton shoots a cop
-Fulton is gunned down by the cops
-Eddie is gunned down by the cops

A Grave With No Name: 1
-Charley dies from gunshot wounds inflicted on him by O’Malley

“FBI!”: 1

-Purvis shoots ‘Handsome Jack’ Klutas

Montage: 5
-Cop gets shot
-Dead gangster seen
-Two more cops are shot
-One cop dies in an explosion

The New Gang: 7
-“Baby Face” Nelson shoots 7

Second Bank Robbery Escape: 13
-Pierpont shoots 1
-Van Meter shoots 2
-Pierpont shoots 2
-“Baby Face” shoots 1
-Reed Youngblood shoots 1
-Van Meter shoots 1
-“Pretty Boy” Floyd shoots 1
-Youngblood is killed
-“Pretty Boy” shoots 3

Lodge Fire Fight: 14

-Purvis, Cowley and a third unnamed G-Man guns down 3
-Van Meter shoots 1
-“Pretty Boy” Floyd kills 2
-Van Meter kills 1
-“Pretty Boy” Floyd puts Tommy Carroll out of his misery
-“Baby Face” kills 4
-Pierpont kills 1
-Billie Frechette shoots 1

Failed Escape #1 (aka “Don’t Shot, I’m Hit”): 1
-Harry Pierpont is gunned down by G-Men

Failed Escape #2 (aka Death in a Cornfield): 5
-“Baby Face” shoots two G-Men in a car chase
-“Baby Face” shoots a G-Man
-“Baby Face” shoots Samuel Cowley
-Samuel Cowley shoots “Baby Face” Nelson

Failed Escape #3 (aka Not His Day): 1

-Homer Van Meter is gunned down by “a bunch of farmers”

Failed Escape #4 (aka “I’m Glad It Was You”): 1
-Purvis and 9 other G-Men gun down Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd

A Night At The Movies: 1

-Melvin Purvis shoots and kills John Dillinger


-There are many mentioned kills, but those are left out