Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990): Body Count Breakdown

Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990): Body Count by Kooshmeister


Delta Gunner (Peter Lindsay): 32
Colonel Scott McCoy (Chuck Norris): 14
Ramon Cota (Billy Drago): 5


Rio De Janeiro: 4
-Cota’s goons shoot 4 DEA agents in the van

San Carlos: 1
-Cota stabs Quiquina’s husband

Home invasion: 1
-Cota rapes and kills Rita offscreen

A traitor uncovered: 2
-Cota stabs Miguel for betraying him
-Bobby is gassed to death

Reprisal: 1
-Cota shoots an old man for helping McCoy

Breaking into the mansion: 1
-McCoy breaks a guard’s neck

Attacking the drug factory: 15
-Delta Force member stabs a guard and slits his throat
-Delta Force member strangles a guard
-Delta Force member shoots a guard
-Delta Force member crushes a guard’s throat
-Delta Force helicopter gunner shoots 11 guards

“School’s out!”: 2

-McCoy throws a guard off a balcony
-McCoy impales Carlos on a statue’s sword

Attacking the mansion: 27

-The Delta Force helicopter blows up 5 guards with missiles
-Delta Force gunner shoots 7 guards
-Delta Force members shoot 3 guards
-Delta Force members blow up 2 guards with grenades
-Delta Force members shoot 3 more guards
-Delta Force gunner shoots 7 guards

Car chase: 10
-Olmedo’s helicopter accidentally blows up 3 goons in a pickup
-Olmedo’s helicopter accidentally blows up 4 goons in the first Land Rover
-The second Land Rover hits a Jeep, killing the driver
-The Delta Force helicopter shoots down Olmedo’s helicopter, killing him and his pilot

Village battle: 21
-McCoy shoots 11 soldiers
-Delta Force gunner shoots 7 soldiers
-The Delta Force helicopter blows up 1 soldier with missiles
-Delta Force members shoot 2 soldiers

Revenge denied: 1
-Cota stabs Quiquina

“Not today, asshole!”: 1
-Cota’s harness cable snaps dropping him from the helicopter


-Cota orders Miguel to “get rid of” Quiquina’s baby, and later dialog confirms the infant’s death, but we never see it (thankfully).
-Carlos shoots Alex when Cota’s men invade the Chavez home but Alex is seen being taken away on a stretcher by paramedics, apparently alive.
-When the drug factory explodes, the two goons guarding the gate might have survived. They appear to run away in time.
-During the battles many goons, guards and soldiers are killed offscreen and we see their bodies; there were too many to count.