Defiance (2008): Body Count Breakdown

Defiance (2008): Body Count by luvmetender009


Zus Bielski (Liev Schreiber) – 24
Tuvia Bielski (Daniel Craig) – 21
Asael Bielski (Jamie Bell) – 2


WWII Stock Footage – 2
-2 Jews seen executed by Nazis

Family Farm – 5
-Corpse of Tuvia’s father and 4 Jews seen

All Together Now – 1
-1 elderly Jew dies from cold and starvation

Tuvia’s Vendetta – 3
-Tuvia kills 3 Jewish traitors with his newly-acquired pistol

Night Hunt – 11
-Zus kills 1 collaborator
-Other Jews executes 1 collaborator
-Jews shoots 1 Nazi
-Zus stabs 1 Nazi
-Zus stabs Nazi colonel and mistress, and 1 more Nazi near jeep
-Jews shoots 1 Nazi
-Asael shoots 1 Nazi
-Nazis shoots 1 Jew
-Tuvia shoots 1 Nazi

Barn – 1
-1 Jew’s corpse seen hung from rafters

“There are hundreds of us!!!” – 5
-Tuvia shoots 2 Nazis
-Other Jews shoots 3 Nazis, at least 1 by Zus

Railway Ambush – 19
-Zus shoots 4 Nazis
-Jews shoots 6 Nazis
-Nazis shoots 3 Jews
-Jews shoots 3 more Nazis
-Zus blows up 1 Nazi with a grenade
-Zus executes 2 Nazi sergeants

Outpost – 7

-Nazis shoots 1 Soviet
-Soviets shoots 2 Nazis
-Zus shoots 1 Nazi
-Nazi kills Bielski Otriad Commander
-Zus shoots 1 Nazi
-1 Nazi’s corpse seen behind a counter (most probably killed by Zus, but could be by other Soviets too, I didn’t add it to Zus’ tally)

Being a Leader – 1
-Tuvia executes 1 Jew who tried to leave

Payback – 1
-1 Nazi prisoner flogged to death by Jewish mob

Air Raid – 9
-9 Jews blown up by Nazi air raid

Standoff – 6
-Nazis shoots 1 Jew
-Asael shoots 1 Nazi
-Nazis kills 3 Jew
-1 Jew blown up by a Nazi’s grenade

Evacuating – 1

-Elder Jew succumbs to disease

The Final Battle – 60

-7 Jew’s corpses seen after first wave of Nazi fire
-Nazis shoots 2 Jews
-Nazi tank blows up 2 Jews
-Tuvia shoots 14 Nazis
-Issac shot by Nazis then blown up by his own grenade
-7 Nazis gunned down by Jew reinforcements, at least 1 kill which belongs to Zus
-Zus shoots 5 Nazis
-Jews shoots 7 Nazis
-Zus shoots Nazi commander on the tank, then throws in a grenade killing 4 more Nazis inside8
-Jews shoots 5 more Nazis
-5 Nazi corpses seen in aftermath

Epilogue – 1
-Asael is mentioned to have been killed**


-50 thousand Jews were mentioned to have been murdered and 1,000,000 more awaiting deportation in the film’s black-and-white opening sequence
-Thousands of dead Jews could be seen in a trench

*I did some research and found out that the tank used in the film’s climax is a Panzer III, which contains 5 occuppants including the commander on its top.
**Although his death is merely mentioned, Asael is still a key character of the film, I’m counting it.