Death Wish II (1982) Killcount & Body Count Breakdown

Death Wish II (1982)

Starring Charles Bronson

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Bronson kills 10

Death Wish II rights held by MGM.

Death Wish II (1982) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rutledal)


Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson): 10
Charles Wilson/Nirvana (Thomas F. Duffy): 3
Detective Frank Ochoa (Vincent Gardenia): 1


Home Invasion: 1
-Nirvana beats Roasrio to death with a crowbar

Hideout: 1
-Carol falls out of a window and is impaled on a spiked fence while trying to escape

Motel: 2
-Paul shoots 1 thug
-Paul shoots Stomper

Parking Garage: 2
-Paul shoots 2 thugs

Warehouse: 1
-Paul shoots Jiver

Arms Deal: 6
-Ochoa shoots the sniper, causing him to fall out his tree
-Paul shoots 1 thug through the car
-Paul shoots Cutter in the face through his boombox
-Paul shoots the arms dealer, causing him to drive off a cliff and explode
-Ochoa dies from gunshot wounds inflicted by Nirvana
-Punkcut dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by Paul

Road: 1
-Nirvana stabs a cop while trying to escape

Revenge: 1
-Paul electrocutes Nirvana to death