Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987) Body Count Breakdown

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson): 38
JoJo Ross (Hector Mercado): 2
Nick Franco (Peter Sherayko): 2
Ed Zacharias (Perry Lopez): 1
Nathan White (John P. Ryan): 1


Opening Dream: 3
Paul shoots 3 would-be rapists

Overdose: 1
Erica overdoses from JoJo’s cocaine

Carnival: 2
JoJo stabs Randy
Paul shoots JoJo and makes him fall onto an electrified gate

Hospital: 7
7 dead bodies seen

Party: 2
Zacharias stabs Vincent
Paul slams 1 thug’s head in a car trunk

Restaurant: 3
Paul blows up Danny Moreno, Art Sanella, and Jack Stein

Video Store: 3
Paul shoots Max Green
Paul shoots 2 thugs

Penthouse: 1
Paul pushes Bauggs off his balcony and he lands on his limo about 20 floors down

Fish Canary: 8
Paul shoots 1 thug and 8 workers

“So can I”: 1
Paul shoots Detective Nozaki

Oil Fields: 20
Nick shoots Jack Romero
10 thugs killed in shootout
Paul blows up some fuel tanks and kills 3 thugs in the explosion
3 more thugs killed in shootout
Nick shoots 1 thug
Paul shoots Tony Romero
Paul shoots Zacharias

Unlawful Arrest: 1
Paul causes the police car to crash, killing 1 of the faux cops

Arcade Shootout: 12
Paul blows up a van, killing 3 thugs in the blast
Paul blows up Jesse in his car
Paul shoots 5 thugs
Paul shoots Nick
White shoots Karen
Paul blows up White