Death Race (2008): Body Count Breakdown

Death Race (2008): Body Count by Gregglop09


Machine Gun Joe (Tyrese Gibson): 9
Jensen Ames (Jason Statham): 6
Case (Natalie Martinez): 2
Coach (Ian McShane): 2
Grimm (Robert LaSardo): 1
Pancheko (Max Ryan): 1
14K (Robin Shou): 1


Opening: 2
2 racers shot

Framed: 1
Pancheko kills Jensen’s wife

Stage 1: 7

Grimm blows up Siad
Joe runs Grimm over, decapitating him
14K causes Grimm’s car to crash, killing his navigator
Joe shoots 2 inmates with mounted machine guns
Joe runs into Colton’s car, killing him and his navigator

Stage 2: 12

Jensen breaks Pancheko’s neck
Joe kicks his navigator out of the car, killing him
Dreadnot blows up 2 racers
Dreadnot impales 14K’s navigator
Dreadnot blows up 14K
Joe and Jensen cause Dreadnot to crash, killing 5 crewmembers

Stage 3: 3

Case launches Tombstone at cop car, blowing it up and killing 2 cops
Cops shoot Joe’s navigator

Revenge: 2

Coach blows up Hennessey and Ulrich